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Toy: Inflatable Butt Plug
Reviewer: Kurt Hardy
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
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Though it might look a bit industrial, with it's black latex tubing and medical style squeeze bulb, this toy delivers a colorful range of sensations. Made from heavy duty latex, it is a toy meant for years of use. The parts are all removable and can be cleaned as well.

I bought this device to use on a partner while turturing them in other ways, (Consensual of course). However, I have a policiy on never using something on another person that I haven't tried myself. So, in the spirit of exploration I took this toy home and lubed it up.

After a bit of a struggle trying to get the soft squiahy plun in I decided to inflate it slightly first. Good idea! The plug slipped easily in and settled into place. Felt OK as far as a butt plug. Then I started to inflate it! Well, the feeling of the rubber plug growing slowly inside your rectum is incredible. After a few pumps, I let the air out and again, wonderful sensations!

This toy can work as a trainer as well, getting your butt conditioned for larger toys. It stretches gently and gives the most wonderful full sensation. From what I could tell it expands to almost 3 times its circumference, so there is plenty of girth for even the most experienced anal toy enthusiasts.

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