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Toy: Mermaid Masterbator
Reviewer: OtterPop
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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This is one of the worst toys Iíve used. It came in an unsealed box, wrapped in a small sheet of plastic. It did look new and un-used. Just to be safe I washed it with a mild soap and hot water, rinsed, and dried. The material is fairly soft, but they give you an opening about the size of an atom! I lubed up (I used a lot of lube) getting ready for a good time only to realize I couldn't even get my dick into it. So I tried to pry it open. I had a hard time just inserting one finger into it. I noticed at this point that the thing had some sort of weird ribbing texture inside. The texture is similar to the threads on a screw. I was starting to loose my erection, so I had to work quickly. Persistent to get in to this thing I inserted a 2nd finger in. Now I was able to pry this thing open, I stuffed my dick in and I removed my fingers. Ouch! This thing is so tight, and the ribbing hurt. There was no way that I was going to finish this way. Folks if pussy felt like this, the world would be a barren desolate place. Skip this one all costs. My recommendation is to use your hand and some lube, it will be a much better experience. I love, and I like just about everything I bought here. At the time of this writing I recommend the fleshlight.

In conclusion... If you like your pee hole stretched open, and the felling of your skin ripping off... then by all means buy this. If you're looking for a close to the feel of pussy, look elsewhere. This thing now lives in the bottom of my trashcan.

You might notice that this review is similar to the Devonís Private Pleasures review. I bought these two toys at the same time. The same manufacturer makes them. The material and design of the canal are virtually identical.

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