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Toy: Fleshlight
Reviewer: OtterPop
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
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I just had to write this review to confirm what others have already said about this great product. Fleshlight offers various colors and inserts. I bought the pink lady model. Iíve actually have had this for quite some time and Iíve really enjoyed it. This is actually much bigger than it looks in the pictures. There are 2 parts the hard outer casing and the soft fleshy insert. When itís stored in the flashlight case it looks like some sort of high-powered flashlight. The fleshlight isnít hands free; youíll have to use one hand to hold on to it, unless you get inventive. The material is very soft, almost as soft as a real pussy. My preference is Astroglide for lubricant.

The manufacturer says to warm, by running it under water. Hereís a tip: put the insert in a Ziploc bag. Leave the bag part way open. Submerge the bag in a sink full of water (temperature of your liking). The air will be forced out of the bag, and the water will completely surround the insert. Close the bag completely and wait. I do this because once you wet the insert it can water down the lube, and the water also cools it down faster. Take the bag out of the water and now youíve got a hot and dry pussy! Now, lube it upÖ lube it while itís out of the casing. Pinch off the canal just about as far as your dick would go. Now hold it vertical and drop in as much lube, as you like. Iíve found that 4 to 5 drops of Astroglide will do the trick. Put the lube bottle down, and with your free hand squish the canal all around, and all the way up to the pussy opening. You might have to hold it in a U shape with one hand while youíre dropping the lube in. Youíll understand once you get one of these. If you donít follow my tip for lubing, the lube will drip all the way down and youíll waste the lube. Once you get the lube in try to keep everything horizontal as much as you can or again youíll chance the lube from dripping out. Put one drop of lube on the head of your dick, now youíre ready to slide in to ecstasy.

This thing feels absolutely amazing. Itís fun to watch as well. Your dick gets enveloped by a soft pink shaved pussyÖ what more could you ask for. You can do many things to vary the sensations. The standard is to fuck it in the casing with the end cap opened. Iíve heard that others like to fuck with the cap on. Insert your dick with the cap off, once inside you close the cap. Now your pussy sucks and fucks! Also when you cum, it all stays inside. Iíve also loosened the cap a little and the sucking sensation isnít as strong, but youíll hear the sound of air rushing in and out. If you like this sensation, and donít like the sound of the air rushing in and out, you could drill a small hole into the cap. The size of the hole will depend on how much suck you want. Now you can put your finger over the hole and turn the suction instantly on and off! You can also fuck it with out the casing. Iíve found that this looses the pussy entrance. Now you can also grab the canal, and move it over your shaft in new and interesting ways. Some toys limit the position that you can fuck it. The fleshlight can be fucked in any position you desire. You can also fuck the pussy lips, and this fells identical to a real girl! As you can see the fleshlight is very versatile.

Cleaning up is fairly easy. After you cum, youíll want to wait about 10 minutes. Your cum will become very liquid like and rise off very easy. Donít fall asleep and forget about it, or youíll have a nasty mess to clean up later! Just remove the insert from the case, and rinse everything in water. The manufacturer says not to use soap. You can dry the case with a small towel. Just about anything sticks to the insert, almost like the roller lint brushes you see on TV. I recommend shaking as much water off as you can. Put it all away and dry it with the end cap off. You donít want to seal this up with a bunch of water in it. I have heard that some people were getting mold. If you follow the manufacturers instructions for care, your flashlight will last a long time.

The first time I used it, I wasnít sure if I liked it very much. But soon my dick got used to the ultra smooth sensations. The fleshlight just seems to get better and better with every use. You may be asking if this thing feels 100% like pussy. Iíll have to say no. But I will tell you thisÖ The fleshlight feels real good, damn good, and in some ways better than the real thing. This is well worth the money. Get one and, go fuck yourself! ;-)

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