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Toy: Double Dildos
Reviewer: dumblonde
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Double Ended DildosDouble Ended Dildos at Libida
Double Dildos at Adult DVD Empire

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Double Your Pleasure in theory
*TYPE: Double dildos (2)
*SIZE: Realistic=14" x 1+3/4" Jelly=12" x 1+1/2"
*NOISE FACTOR From guy in the corner, off the scale
*PRICE Realistic=$19.95 Jelly=$12.00
*BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Realistic=* 1 star Jelly=****4 stars

I didn't realize until submitting this that I should have broken it down into separate reviews. As there is one window for a rating, I took an average of the two for the overall. Hope this doesn't confuse anyone.

PREFACE As a hetero (but with an open mind), perhaps I'm not the best one to review a toy of this type, but finding no other source of information, I decided to give it a go. The sacrifices I make for you consumers! Besides, I do have one girlfriend (also hetero) that, while we never actually got down to it, we always wanted to, and used to enjoy quite public displays of dirty dancing. Still my best friend, she and I are both blondes and share the same first name. Before she married and moved about a 4 hour drive from here, we had some pretty wild times! So, everytime I would see these items, I always thought about her, and what it would be like. Admittingly using this new hobby as a ruse, I called about needing her help in, ah, reviewing these toys, and she was all for it (somehow I knew she would be). The problem was, her husband was equally excited, naturally thinking '3-way'. As this wasn't really what she nor I wanted (knowing this situation can cause problems), but feeling it only fair to include him in some way, we finally hammered out the ground rules: he could be there, but only watch. These negotiations, while about as erotic as the Mid-East Peace Talks, are necessary to avoid any hurt feelings, or problems down the road. So, with the deal struck, let's get it on!

REVIEW Now, being pornophiles, we all know that most guys love to watch women having sex, so in case this opportunity ever presents itself, I'll give you a tip: sit in the corner as unobtrusively as possible and SHUTUP!! Needless to say, this didn't go as well as we'd hoped, mainly because of feeling self-conscious. Just as we were getting into it, the husband would make some stupid comment, as well as constantly trying to horn in, even going so far as trying to direct the action. If you think Randy West's presence and remarks are annoyingly distracting in otherwise hot girl/girl action, well, compared to this guy, he's Casper the Friendly Ghost. (although he at least didn't invite some of his buddies over to watch)

So, while the situation was far from ideal, I did learn one thing - I'd never make it as a porn star! I noted certain qualities of the toys involved, however, and tried to put aside my personal discomfort. The first toy we tried was the Doc Johnson double dildo w/ balls in the middle, but not for long. It was stiff, heavy, and kind of rough-textured. Surely the hard working folks at Doc's could produce a better "realistic" one than this! Even with lots of lube, this just didn't feel good to either one of us. Luckily, because I might not get another chance, I had thought to get a back-up, which wasmuch better. This one was made of a "jelly" type of rubber, was much more flexible, and although they make a model with bumpy "veins", this one was ultra-smooth, and felt great! The only problem (besides the all-too-conspicuous husband) was fallout, and I'm not talkin nuclear. This is not a defect of the toy, however, but rather the result of two energetic but inexperienced girls. You almost have to hold it with a free hand, which can get in the way, if you get my drift. And aside from having a 3rd person designated "holder", I don't see any workaround for this. As this is kind of a double review, in more ways than one, I'll have to give the "realistic" model a thumbs down, but we did enjoy the jelly one.

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