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Toy: Neo-Acrylic Love Princess
Reviewer: Anal Toy Lover
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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Neo-Acrylic Love Princess AKA Angel Vibe
Smooth handcrafted crystal acrylic finish
Hygienic non-porous surface
Angel shaped handle
Wings provide a very firm grip even when hands are slippery with lube
Designed for vaginal use
Multi-speed vibrator, powered by 2AA batteries
Lube recommended

Luxurious velvet storage bag
4 cc. Climax personal lubricant
Acrylic sensual mini probe

Beginning: 2.875"
Ending: 4"
Total: 10.5"
Insertable: 5.5"

Mini Probe
Beginning: 1.625"
Ending: 2.125"
Total: 3.75"

How to Use Tip:
The mini probe can be pushed against the side of the angel. If the angel were inserted, the probe would now be resting against the vaginal lips. It picks up the vibration from the angel and transfers it to the lips, which adds a very arousing sensation.

The only thing bad about this toy is that it is not soft. Since it is made out of acrylic it feels like a rod of glass. I like the rubber dildos more.

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