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Toy: Fever Buttplug
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Vixen Creations
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
  Vixen CreationsVixen Creations at Adult DVD Empire

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Length: 4.5"
Dimensions: 0.5" shaft flaring out to 0.75" just above 2.5" flared base
Material: Hand crafted silicon rubber (which means there are some lubricant limitations) available in either red or black
Purchase Price: $19 + UPS Ground shipping
Shopping Experience: Vixen Creations was easy to deal with online. I only have two complaints about the order. First, they didnít send an e-mail confirming shipment of the item, but from how quickly it arrived, I assume it shipped out the same day or the day after it was ordered. It arrived in a plain brown box that gave no real sign of what it contained, which is great, but they only allowed UPS for shipping where I have had better luck with and prefer Priority Mail.

The Toy:
After learning about the limitations of my Step Up Anal Beads, I decided to try out something a little more traditional. After reading YogaGrrlís review of Rocket butt plug, I decided to check out her recommendation of their Fever plug, which seemed like a fairly traditional buttplug but a little friendlier. For some reason a black plug didnít do anything for me, so I went for the devilish red color. Still being new to this sort of thing, I also ordered a bottle of their thick Probe lube, since I wasnít sure if the lube I already had would be good for the toy.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. Vixen had nicely packaged the toy in colored tissue paper, almost like you would wrapping a Christmas present for somebody, which made for a nice presentation. It also made me a little more comfortable with it right away. I picked it out of the box and was surprised once again. I always thought plugs were harder, just like the plastic vibrators Iíd seen. Instead the toy was fairly soft and squishy, although it was still firm enough to look like it would go where I wanted it to without having any problems. Of course, being a man, I was much more limited in my choices of locations to put it as others who might purchase it. The toy is shaped kind of like a thermometer. It has a smaller tip thatís about a quarter inch across and a half inch long that flares into the long half inch shaft with a few small, horizontal lines on it similar to the temperature markings on a thermometer. It then expands out into a three quarter inch diameter bulb that touches the flared base.

Unlike with my first toy, I was much more comfortable with the idea of using the toy this time, and broke it out as soon as I got home. After warming my asshole up a little with some gentle rubbing, I gave the Fever a liberal dose of the thick Probe lube, laid back with my legs spread, and gently but firmly slid it in while taking a few deeper breaths. I felt the Fever bend around slightly before going in, but with a little more pressure it slid right in and straightened itself out. As I ran it in and out, I could feel the small markings along the shaft giving a little extra sensation that was also nice.

As someone who still considers himself a beginner, I was very appreciative for the small tip on the Fever. Itís small and long enough to get the toy started right, and also gave me a little extra comfort in getting it started. Most of the other plugs Iíd seen had a pretty good taper right from the start and I was a little worried about things not getting lined up right and stretching me out a little too fast. With the small tip on the Fever, I didnít have any real worries about this happening.

The flared ball above the base also had a nice taper and was far enough down that it felt like it could be played with whenever I felt comfortable with it. I felt comfortable enough with my new toy when I first tried it that I had to try the bulb also. It gives an extra little stretch at the end, but was also the biggest problem I had with the Fever. Since itís joined to the flared base, the base has to fold up a bit to get the toy all the way in. It also didnít have any stem at the base where I could leave the plug in if I wanted (and I did try).

Vixenís Fever buttplug is a great silicon toy for beginners. Itís friendly, both in appearance and use, and appears to be made by a quality company. Vixen even gives their toys a lifetime warranty, which I have to admit amused me. If my toy breaks on me, or should I say in me, Iím sure the last thing thatís going to go through my mind is ďWell, at least I can send it back and get a new oneĒ. Iím not worried about this happening since it seems to be very well made, and has served me well many times since arriving, but it is nice to know that Vixen puts this kind of confidence into their products. It makes for the final icing on the cake as to why Iíd strongly recommend the Fever to anybody looking for their first silicon anal toy.

Special thanks to YogaGrrl, both for her suggestion of the Fever in her earlier review and the questions she answered on how to do some of the formatting to make my reviews look a little better.

Captain Jack will get you by tonight,
just a little push and youíll be smiling.

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