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Toy: XL Humungous Butt Plug
Reviewer: Anal Toy Lover
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
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This is one of the worst anal toys Iíve ever used in my life. It is unrealistically huge. They claim that it is a challenge for the most advanced players. There is no possible way that you can fit this toy in your ass. This toy stands 9Ē long and 14Ē around (thatís 4.5Ē in diameter) The top triangle is 7Ē long. Even surgically your anus will not expand to, or even close to, that size. This toy was a waste of my money. I paid $30 for this chunk of rubber. It is very heavy to play with, weighs 5 Lbs. It was hard for me to lie down and hold it with my hands, and it was hard for my partner to penetrate me with it. Itís designed to be set on the floor and jumped on. You canít really do a lot with this piece. Extreme amounts of lubricant must be used. NEVER go beyond your limits because this plug will defiantly bleed your anus.

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