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Toy: Step Up Anal Beads
Reviewer: Captain_Jack
Categories:Anal ToysAnal Beads
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As a guy, I was more than a little nervous about trying anything anal related, as least for receiving, for quite a while. I had thought about it for a long time, read a bit about it, and knew that it was perfectly safe done right, but there was still more than a little hesitation. I finally took the plunge when I saw the Step Up Anal Beads as a freebie at 5 Star DVD with a recent order.

Whyíd I get this? Well, for one, it was free, which is always a nice incentive to try something new. It also helped when I looked at the picture and saw how small the smallest bead was (it measures about 3/8"). My first thought was ďThatís even smaller than my little finger!Ē. Since this was going to be my first real attempt to put something in my butt, I thought the smaller the better. I also liked the idea of the bead sizes. Since the beads are basically round, it meant Iíd only have to stretch over it for a short time. There wasnít any long, drawn out stretching like there would be with most anal toys Iíd seen in adult stores or on the internet.

When the toy finally arrived, which didnít take long since it was in stock, I was more than a little nervous. Itís one thing to look at it in a store or see a picture on my computer screen, but now I actually had it. The box arriving meant that I was kind of at that point of no return. I took a couple looks at it, and it was pretty much what it looked like it was going to be from the picture. Itís about eleven inches long and has ten beads, starting at about three eighths of an inch and ending up at an inch. Itís made of a fairly stiff plastic, but not so stiff that it wonít bend with a little pressure. This seemed like a good combination, since I didnít want to poke anything inside too hard, but it still had to be firm enough to be able to put enough pressure on it to slide in. I had also heard some people complain about some sharp edges where the toys are molded with products like this, and Iím happy to say that I didnít find anything like that here. There was one small ridge on one of the beads, but not so much that I even thought about trying to shave it off. Unlike what I hear about most people, who want to run home and immediately try out their new toy, mine sat unused in the box for a couple nights. I still had to get a little comfortable with the idea, and I knew that being tense wasnít going to help getting anything in.

Finally, I broke it out one night after a little liquid courage. I had picked up a small bottle of liquid K-Y lube at the local drug store after realizing that I forgot to include it in the order, and lubed up the smallest bead as well as its obvious target fairly well. I made myself comfortable in my chair, after putting down a towel to soak up any excess lube of course, and laid back with my legs up and apart to give myself some easy access. Not surprisingly, my body wasnít that willing to let a foreign object in for the first time, but after a couple deep breaths, I applied a little more pressure and slid the first step in while exhaling.

At that point, I just waited to get used to the feeling. I wiggled the toy around a little, to get used to that sensation also, and after a minute or two, I made sure I had enough lube on the next bead. I pushed in the second bead, letting my anus stretch around it before swallowing it up while exhaling. Once again, I waited a few moments to get used to the sensation, and then slid the bead back out. I slid the second bead in and out a couple more times, just to take time to make sure I was well stretched, and then worked my way up to the fourth bead. My first night, this was as far as I made it. I thought I might be able to go further, but I didnít want to take things too far. I worked the beads all the way out and back in to the fourth bead a few times, marveling at how well it slid out, as well as how quickly my ass was getting used to having something slide into it.

Over the next week, I took things even further, and managed to work my way up a few more beads. At this point I found what might be the only drawback to the Step Up Anal Beads. It seems a bit long when I got up to the larger sizes, and the end was a little uncomfortable and felt like it was poking me in the wrong way. There was a little pain to begin with when I first started playing with my new toy, but I canít say that it was a really bad pain. There was a certain amount of pleasure that went with it, and as I played longer, the pain was replaced with pleasure. This wasnít that kind of pain. This was the bad kind of pain. I think I was just getting poked by the tip because the plastic wasnít quite pliable enough to bend with me completely, and for all I know, it might go in further just fine. As a newbie at this type of play, and somebody who isnít familiar with all the sensations, I donít want to push things too far when Iím not really certain, which is something I recommend to anybody else whoís thinking of trying anal play for their first time.

Overall, the Step Up Anal Beads arenít a perfect anal toy, and not something Iíd think many people experienced with anal sex would enjoy that much. As a newbie, however, I canít think of a better toy. The size and shape of the beads are small enough and change gradually enough that it makes it very easy to gain confidence in yourself, which is something thatís a necessity with this kind of play. From the looking around I had done in the past, this is one of the smallest anal toys to start with, but it also gets large enough to prepare you for some of the more commonly sized toys. Due to its size and ease of use, I canít think of a better toy to begin anal play with.

Captain Jack will get you by tonight,
just a little push and youíll be smiling.

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