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Toy: Cyberskin Cyber Penis
Reviewer: Evil_Rip
Manufacturer: TopCo
Overall rating:
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Cyberskin Cyber Penis.

Since thereís been a discussion in the Sex Forum about men and anal stimulation hereís a review of a toy that can do that.
Just because it looks like a penis doesnít make me gay or not, like if it looked like a long dolphin doesnít make me against dolphins.
This was given to me for review. (Cough from fivestar) So what is it?
Itís cyberskinís attempt at making a realistic penis. They come in a few colors. The one sent to me is ďWhite.Ē You get an 8Ē long by 5Ē around circumcised penis. No virtual foreskin, sorry peoples even cyberskinís get snipped. :(

Itís got average girth. Itís longer than most of us guys, but I think the extra length is to be used as the handle. Itís got some small testicles too. Itís rather stiff but not stiff enough. If you shake it around. It wobbles and bends not like the real thing.

So letís begin the test:

Hmmm longer than I am.
Next up Taste test. Yuck! Tastes like cyberskin! Now letsí taste mine, yup definitely better. (Yes I can lick my own, took me a while to learn to do it.)
Letís wrap a condom on it and begin the final test. If youíre going to stick it in your ass I say use a condom, easy clean up. It takes some effort but it can get up in there. Until other butt plugs that bulb then taper this one is pretty much the same girth throughout. So you get a full feeling. Itís not tapered so you get a constant stretching of the ass which is strange at first but feels good.

How does it compare with other butt plugs?
Well besides looking like a cock instead of some generic round tube itís no better. Itís just different. It doesnít vibrate so you donít get that sensation on your prostate. The orgasms are probably a bit more intense cuz of the stretching of the ass.

So if youíre in the market for a butt plug that isnít tapered or looks like a penis or both. Then this maybe the one for you. Personally I like the smaller vibrating kind.
So there you have it.

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