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Toy: Blowfish Decorative Butt Plug
Reviewer: YogaGrrl
Manufacturer: Blowfish
Categories:Anal ToysButt PlugsMetal
Overall rating:
  Blowfish Butt PlugBlowfish Decorative Butt Plug

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BLOWFISH Decorative Butt Plug

Date of review: 3/29/02

Overall ... A
Sensation ... A
Appearance ... A+
Fit ... A+
Price ... C
Ease of Use ... B+
Shopping Experience ... A+

Date of purchase: 3/25/02

Vendor: Blowfish, online at

Price: $125.96 + $9.95 S/H (The price includes a 10% new product discount. If you're reading this before mid-April 2002, you can still catch this fish on sale.)

Dimensions: My model is the extra large size. The insertable portion is 3-1/2" (9 cm) long x 1-5/8" (4 cm) wide; the neck is 1/2" (1.2 cm) in diameter; the flared base is 1-1/2" wide and adds an extra inch to the total length. The weight is just under one pound (400 g).

Additional size options: The Blowfish plug is also available in small and large. The small size measures: 2" (5 cm) long, 1" (2.5 cm) in diameter at the widest point, 1/4" (0.6 cm) in diameter at the neck, 4 oz. (100 g). The large size measures: 3" (7.5 cm) long, 1-1/4" (3 cm) in diameter at the widest point, 3/8" (1 cm) in diameter at the neck, 7 oz. (180 g).

Material: Solid stainless steel with a bronze finial.

Why I chose this type of toy: Two and a half months ago, I purchased my first butt plug, the now discontinued Vixen Creations Rocket. Although I still enjoy that toy on a regular basis, I decided I wanted an additional plug that would provide a smoother, harder sensation.

Why I chose this manufacturer: The Blowfish plug is a new, exclusive design from the studio of French artist Julian Snelling. I first stumbled across Snelling's work on the Internet last autumn, and it has intrigued me ever since. Although Snelling plugs are pricey compared to other toys, they appear to be extremely well constructed, and they possess a perverted flair (ah yes, that certain je ne sais quoi).

Why I chose this particular model: Although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, I had my heart set on the extra large size, so that limited my options to only two models. There was no real contest between the Blowfish and the Crystal--I kept envisioning how wickedly cute that little guy would look sticking out of my ass, and there's no way I could resist.

The ordering process: Snelling plugs are available at only a very limited number of places. Normally, I recommend clicking through the toy store links at Adult DVD Talk whenever possible. In this particular instance, I was searching for something very specific that wasn't available at any of the affiliates. I had not shopped at Blowfish before, but I was extremely impressed by their attractive web site, strict privacy policy and one year product warranty, and I decided to give them a try.

The ordering process was incredibly easy (almost dangerously so--I think I need to lock away my credit card). The Blowfishies have a delightfully warped sense of humor; when they present their printable invoice form, they preface it with a suggestion that it might be suitable for framing. I selected the standard shipping, expecting that it would take about a week. Instead, the box was in my hands just two and a half days later, via USPS Priority Mail.

First experience: The plug arrived in a small corrugated box, with the company identified only as "TBC" in the return address. It was sealed in a plastic bag and securely cushioned by eco-friendly packing peanuts (the kind that dissolve in a sinkful of warm water). The plug's surface was perfectly shiny, unmarred by any dust or fingerprints.

I have seen silicone described as the "cashmere" of sex toys; steel, on the other hand, makes serious tools for serious play. I was immediately impressed by my new toy's weight, its sheer solidity and its overall butchness factor. Truthfully, I was a little intimidated by it, and I didn't feel up to an immediate insertion. It had arrived in the morning, and I spent much of the day just picking the plug up, turning it around in my hands a few times, trying a few experimental rubs and prods through my clothing and finally setting it back down again.

By evening, I was ready. Even though the diameter of the Blowfish is virtually identical to my previous plug, its heft and its hardness make it feel larger. I spread a nice, thick layer of lube all over the bulb of the toy and touched it to my anus. It was icy cold against my skin, which was a sensation I liked. I mostly held the toy by its finial--the puffer fish spikes aren't sharp, but they are nubby enough to provide a secure grip and pleasing tactile sensation at the fingertips. After about two minutes of gentle, rhythmic pressing, I felt my muscles finally melt and engulf the plug.

Once in place, the plug becomes rather difficult to detect. The narrowness of the neck means there's not much sensation of stretch at the anal sphincter. The narrow neck also helps to stabilize the plug, so it doesn't shift around nearly as much as a wide-necked toy like the Rocket.

Newcomers to anal play may not realize that orgasms don't necessarily feel much different with a plug vs. no plug. People who are more experienced and/or very attuned to internal sensations, however, may be able to perceive a difference between silicone and steel. Whereas silicone seems to absorb and almost muffle the contractions, steel seems to reflect and slightly amplify them. It's a subtle effect, but it's enough to make me grin by just remembering it.

Special considerations: If you're planning to use a butt plug, lube is absolutely required. I generally prefer Slippery Stuff Gel, but because it was convenient, I purchased a 1.7 oz. bottle of Maximus with my order. So far, I haven't detected much of a difference between the two, except for price and availability (Slippery Stuff costs less, but Maximus is easier to find). They're both great lubes for anal play--thick and gelatinous.

Care and durability: The Blowfish plug would probably survive a nuclear holocaust. A good friend of mine (hey there, sexy guy, you know who you are) has told me that stainless steel has a very high melting point. The reason the toy is solid is most likely because it's easier to turn stainless steel on a lathe than to cast it hollow. My only durability concern is that the bronze part might develop a patina with repeated washings. I'm not really worried about it, though, since bronze statues generally look even better after years of exposure to the weather.

The surface is so smooth that I've just been handwashing the plug with hot water and antibacterial soap. To truly ensure proper sanitization, I imagine it could be run through the dishwasher, right along with the "silverware" (which, technically speaking, is usually made of stainless steel also).

Final analysis: The hefty pricetag and construction make this plug inappropriate for beginners. But if you're ready to aspire to a toy that's both classy and challenging, the Blowfish decorative butt plug is an answered prayer.

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