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Toy: Peter North "The Decorator" Dildo
Reviewer: Nettybird
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor Women
Overall rating:
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TYPE: Variation on a buttplug theme
MANUFACTURER: Rear Enders (Doc Johnson)
REASON FOR PURCHASE: Ever since I saw a picture of a girl (possibly Liza Harper) pulling one of these toys out of her beautiful gaping asshole, I wanted this toy. It's only now that they seemed to have made their way over to the UK
LOOKS: Er, a tree - albeit a weird, spooky alien tree. Retro sci-fi buffs will want to place this near the theremin, next to the lava lamp. Let down by the usual dull flesh colour.
FEELS: Soft and bendy
DIMENTIONS: 11" in length, the balls take up 5" of this. The 1st ball is the size of a small grape and the 5th is about 2" diameter
DURABILITY: I'll have to get back to you on that.

REVIEW: I've been on the lookout for one of these for ages & I've finally got my hands (and something else) on one. It's been worth the wait. If you could do a college course on fun with the bum, the Pleasure Tree would make an ideal textbook. For the anal novice, the 5 bumps will slowly train your ass, while those of us with more experienced butts will love the amazing versitility of the Tree. As a trainer, the super soft balls start at an unthreatening size, so you can expand your ass one step at a time. As a buttplug, it excels - the shape of the balls means that it locks down into place behind each one. Once that 5th ball is squeezed in, you're feelings as snug as a well stuffed bug in a rug. For the deeper penetration fans, it doesn't stop there as there's still another 5" of shaft to plumb the depths with.

The Pleasure Tree also stands proud as an anal dildo - the shaft makes a good handle and, to be crude, it's one hell of a fuck! Those 5 balls sliding in and out.... mmmmm, a trip to the woods has never been this much fun! The suction cup expands the possibilities even further for hands free playing. By simply sticking the Tree to a smooth surface, you can convert the most boring piece of furniture into a rectal reaming, ass pleasing machine!
On the minus side, the shaft is perhaps a bit too bendy, and therefore the thing won't stand upright, but thats a minor quibble.

Now, though time for a general rant. What's with the flesh tone? I can understand cock shaped toys being a "realistic" colour, but why give weird and wonderful objects like this a skin job? Do manufactureres think people want to get off on things that look like they're modeled on mutants body parts? If only they'd draw some inspiration from the more specialist toy producers who put some thought and style into their colour schemes. This'd look great in psychedelic shades. I'm off to spray-paint mine lime green and electric blue.

A great tree to climb - come on up, the view's great!

If you don't like the Pleasure Tree, you can always spray it green, put fairy lights on it, and stick it to the car dashboard at Christmas.

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