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Toy: Vixen Creations Rocket
Reviewer: YogaGrrl
Manufacturer: Vixen Creations
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
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Please note that the Rocket Butt Plug has been discontinued, though there are many other Vixen Creations butt plug models.

ROCKET Butt Plug by Vixen Creations

Date of review: 1/18/02

Overall ... A
Sensation ... A+
Appearance ... A
Fit ... A+
Price ... B-
Ease of Use ... A
Shopping Experience ... A-

Date of purchase: 1/9/02

Vendor: Vixen Creations, online at

Price: $38.00 (+ $6.31 S/H to the U.S. Midwest)

Dimensions: The insertable portion is 4 1/2 in. (11.4 cm) long x 1 5/8 in. (4.1 cm) wide; the flared base is 3 in. wide and adds an extra inch to the total length.

Material: Hand crafted silicone rubber.

Color options: The Rocket is available in two-tone swirls of blue/white, black/white, red/black, teal/black, or purple/black. In a rare nod to fashion, I selected purple/black, which coordinates with all my current lingerie.

Why I chose this type of toy: About six months ago, I purchased my first sex toy (from another company). It was a battery-operated vibrator, and it disappointed me greatly. The shaft was too long for a proper vaginal fit, and one of the internal motors died after only a few months of use.

Fortunately, I still enjoyed the sensation of the nonvibrating vibe in my butt. (Safety note: only vibes with flared bases are appropriate for anal insertion.) It tended to slip out at inopportune moments, however, due to its straight shaft. Most butt plugs solve that problem with a "neck," or concave area, at the base for the sphincter muscles to grip.

Why I chose this manufacturer: Quality was more important to me than price. Vixen Creations has been in business since 1992, and they offer a 30-day guarantee against defects. Vixen Creations is also women-owned.

Why I chose this particular model: When I was a teenager, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. NASA never called, but I still find it difficult to resist anything with a celestial theme. This butt plug's chunky retro-rocket styling captured my heart the first moment I saw it online.

I was also excited to find a toy that would provide a bit more stretch and fullness than my broken vibe. Compared to my old toy, the Rocket offers an extra 1/4 inch at its largest insertable diameter. The Rocket is not the hugest plug on the market, but it's not the smallest either. If you're new to anal play, you should probably look for a narrower toy, such as the one called Fever (it's shaped like a thermometer on steroids).

The ordering process: I don't use Visa or MasterCard, and Vixen Creations was unable to accept my Discover Card. This was initially disappointing, but I printed out the order form and sent a check instead. Considering that the transaction was conducted by snail mail, the delivery process was quite fast, requiring just 12 days. (I opted for the cheapest shipping method, UPS ground residential.)

First experience: The rocket arrived in a small corrugated box, and was neatly wrapped in red and black tissue (Vixen's signature colors). I had never handled a silicone toy before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The plug felt heavy for its size and was surprisingly flexible. Its texture was smooth but slightly sticky. Compared to jelly rubber, it had a much subtler odor, which pleased me greatly. The purple color was darker than it appeared online, but I liked it even better. I smiled when I saw the X-marks-the-spot shape of the base.

As you can imagine, I didn't waste any time. I got out my favorite lube (details follow below) and spread a large towel across my futon (for easy clean-up later on). I don't believe in self-torture, so I spent a few minutes teasing my vulva and my anus with my fingers, until the whole area felt juicy and relaxed.

I spread a nice, thick layer of lube all over the shaft of the toy and rolled onto on my belly. After a few exploratory probes, I found the right spot and the right angle. Deep breaths...patience...gentle pressure...a little more pressure.... The insertion process required about 30 seconds, and was completely pain-free. Each time I tensed and released my gluteal muscles, I felt the plug shift back and forth very slightly, causing an astonishing sense of pleasure.

I pressed and jiggled the plug a few times with my hand and then followed a sudden impulse to sit up. I'm not sure what inspired this, but I began to spontaneously bounce my buttocks up and down on the firm mattress. The sensations were awesome; I very nearly experienced a hands-free climax. Ultimately, I couldn't quite achieve a full orgasm that way, so I flopped down on my tummy again and rubbed my clitoris to finish. Happily, the plug stayed in place the entire time.

Games people play: I sometimes like to play a game called "How long can I last?" The first time I played with my new rocket, I held on for only eight minutes (far short of my personal record). The second time, I lasted for only seven. Obviously, I need more practice...

Special considerations: If you're planning to use a butt plug, lube is absolutely required. I like Slippery Stuff Gel--it's very thick, very slippery and relatively inexpensive. You have a number of other choices, though; see Dumblonde's original and improved Lube Lists or Tristan Taormino's Anal Advisor for more info. Silicone-based lubes (i.e. Eros, ID Millennium or Wet Platinum) are a definite no-no, since they could potentially damage a silicone toy over time.

So far I've only used the Rocket for solo play, but it would be equally fun with a partner. It's a good size for use in the vagina as well as the anus (just don't pass it directly from the anus to the vagina, since this could cause an infection). I don't own a harness, but the Rocket could also potentially work as a strap-on, if that's your thing.

Care and durability: Clean-up is amazingly easy with the Rocket; there are no crevices or microscopic pores where bacteria can lodge and multiply. I wash mine by hand with warm water and antibacterial soap, and then place it in the top rack of the dishwasher for proper sanitization. If you're squeamish about putting an anal toy near your food dishes, or if you live with people who might not fully understand your hobby, you can use the stovetop method instead. Buy or designate a cheap saucepan for this purpose, fill it with water and boil your toy for three minutes.

I can't report yet on the durability of this butt plug, but I will try to provide an update here in about a year. It's my understanding that silicone is highly durable unless the surface is torn or broken by a sharp object.

Final analysis: Buying this butt plug is probably the second-best thing I've ever done for myself. (The first was marrying my husband.) In case you have any doubts, I highly recommend the Rocket for people who enjoy anal play.

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