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Toy: Triple Ripple Butt Plug
Reviewer: NettyBird
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
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My first review, so here goes...

Large Triple Ripple Buttplug.
TYPE: A plug for those getting serious about anal play. Not to be confused with a type of ice-cream.

MANUFACTURER/PRICE: Doc Johnson. Price varies, shop around.

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Ass has grown out of smaller plugs, looking for a challenge.

LOOKS: Depending on your tastes, tear inducing, comical, challenging, inviting, sexy as hell, childs play or just a tickle. I'll go with 3, 4 and 5.

FEELS: Impresively solid and robust. Would make a good novelty interior door stop.

DIMENTIONS: 5. 3/4 inches tall. 1st ripple 1. 3/4inches in diameter, 2nd - 2. 1/4inches, 3rd - 2. 1/2inches.

REVIEW: The design is simplicity itself - Three evergrowing ripples of sphincter straining fun on one impressively solid plug that looks so sexy, I'd put it on the mantlepiece if it wasn't so busy stuffing my ass! Unlike a standard shaped plug, the ripples allow you to take that exquisite anus expanding journey one step at a time, with a chance to catch your breath after each bulge. Fellow plug players will know that delicious "full to the max" feeling a big plug gives you; times that by three and that's what this feels like - pretty mindblowing! For the anal-sceptic, the look of this mini-beast will bring a tear to the eye and a twitch to the pucker. For the real assmasters, it'll make a good warm up tool. For me, it's a great toy to slowly work up to over a long session. The one annoying design flaw is the lack of a decent neck behind the third ripple, so it's hard to keep in place. If you're not careful you could find it shooting out across the room, out the window and leaving any hapless passerby with a nasty concussion.

PROS: Feels amazing when in all the way. The ripples add to the fun.

CONS: Once in, doesn't stay there easily. Not a plug for wearing out and about. Unless you've an experienced ass that'll devour anything, it's too big for a quicky session.

OVERALL: A great way into the world of larger butt toys. The Trip Rip will definately expand your "horizons"!

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