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Toy: Oro-Simulater
Reviewer: Throbbing Nob
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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My search for a product that can deliver some true "satisfaction" continues. The Oro-Simulater is a simple and intriguing product. The Add states that "it slides up and down your cock all by itself". Well while that itsn't exactly the case, it does have some potential. The product comes unassembled as a Hard plastic molded upper cup unit, a smooth rubber sleeve, a section of clear tubing(wich attaches to the cup) and a "bulb Pump" which goes on the other end of the tubing. You follow the directions and fold the rubber sleeve back on itself and attach it to the "cup" and then attach the tubing/bulb pump assembly.

Supposedly you are able to start from a non erect state and get your self going, I found that at least a partially erect state was necessary. A reasonable amount of lubricant is also required. Once you create the vaccum between "ol Twitchy" and this thing, you then can control how much this thing sucks you off by using the bulb pump. Faster/slower etc. The sensations were pretty good. With the help of a good dvd where a hot babe is doing a little cock worship with her lips/mouth/tounge you can just close your eyes and imagine that you are the lucky fellow receiving her efforts. Lastly these are generally available for less than $20. That covers the good parts of the product.

Here are the downfalls. The add says this thing will stay on you no matter what position you are in. (not true in my case), One size fits all product,(probably will fit most, but I found that it had some trouble "swallowing" my size - not a monster size by any means) and because of that I had to keep readjusting it (takes away from the emjoyment). Also required relubing during action, (Don't know if a different lube other than what was included would be better. They include a small sample of "slick"). Lastly cleanup is reasonable and not too much effort so that is a plus. On the "bang for the buck" meter this is probably one of the best options, however I will still be searching as I am hot yet sastisfied that this is as good as can be made. I have to believe that someone is capable of producing a product for us guys that will (at a reasonable cost) give men the same satisafction as women are getting from any number of quality products available to them.

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