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Toy: Robo Suck
Reviewer: Throbbing Nob
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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It's sad to admit perhaps, but I was hoping this product would "deliver the goods". Having never recieved what I would call a decent BJ in real life, I can only compare it with what experience I have had. The unit iteslf is under powered and certainly isn't a "one size fits all" deal either. When fully erect and wanting to be sucked, the motor had a very hard time getting the spring coil ring (which is supposed to glide up and down your length and simulate a BJ) to actually make it around my "girth". I don't consider myself to be "hung like a horse" or anything like that so I can't say that was the problem. The unit never did achieve any suction at all and was just a general disapointment. Fortunately I didn't spend a whole lot on it ( unlike a few other sex toys that I have tried) so my loss was minimal. I can say without a doubt that this is a waste of time and money.

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