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Toy: Robo Suck 2
Reviewer: Johnny
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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The Robo Suck 2 is a device that claims to be the ultimate male masturbator. In reality, it is far from it.

The device has 2 features, vibrating and stroking. You insert your penis into the nubby interior sleeve (with the help of some lubrication of course). You then have control over the vibration and stroking functions. The vibration unit seems to be located in the very top of the unit, and therefore doesn't really vibrate where your penis is. While using it, I couldn't really even tell the difference as to whether it was on or not. Only the sound gave it away. The stroker is basically a little gizmo mounted outside the sleeve that surrounds the sleeve and can move up and down really quick. The problem is, it's stroke length is very short. You can move the actual stroking unit up or down the side of the sleeve to vary where it is stroking on your penis, but it doesn't seem to help much.

I have used the unit 5 times now, and have been unable to even orgasm with it. In fact, the last time I tried it I completely lost my erection while inside of it, assumingly because my penis was bored. No matter where I put the stroker, I could barely feel it, and what I could feel wasn't really pleasureable.

This device was a complete waste of money, and I advise you not to waste yours on it. I strongly encourage more men on this site to submit reviews of sex toys that you have tried (masturbators, fake pussys, sleeves, etc..) so that we can figure out what devices will hit the trash can, and what ones will keep us coming back for more!

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