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Toy: Prostate Stimulator
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Anal ToysFor Men
Overall rating:
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The most recent toy I've gotten from Pipedream Products is this prostate stimulator. Before you stop reading, I have heard from many women in the sex industry that men have more erogenous zones in their prostate than anywhere else. A little stimulation can go a long way! You can get your favorite other toy or even your hands to work over your dick but keep one hand free to use it for this stimulator! It's curved just right to reach the prostrate while the handle is also curved to stimulate the perineum. So with the toy stimulating the back end, and whatever you want to use to do the job on the front end, all your bases are covered! It produced an explosive orgasm especially if a toy of this type is new to you! It's very simple yet very effective. And, of course, clean-up is a snap! I highly recommend this product!

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