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Toy: Vibrating Oral Squeeze Her
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenVibrating
Overall rating:
  Get Your Vibrating Oral Squeeze HerGet Your Vibrating Oral Squeeze Her

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This toy is in the shape of a mouth. It's long and soft and feels so fucking good! But don't worry, you're not just going to be fucking a piece of plastic! What makes this toy unique is that their is a vibrating ring that slips around the toy about midway on the shaft. It has a nice speed to it and makes the toy feel incredible. I won't say that the toy feels like an acutal warm, moist pussy but it's damn close! Add in the vibration and it's an incredible feeling. It got me to the end fairly quickly and it's easy to clean, just use warm water and the cleaning solution provided. If you want to get off quickly and easily, this is a nice little product to purchase!

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