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Toy: Fantasy X-tensions: Silicone Power Cage
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Cock RingsFor MenVibratingFor Couples
Overall rating:
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I got this toy because it claimed to be the ultimate erection enhancer. It promises to prolong ejaculation so, what the hell, it deserves a shot! I put my erection into the cage, which is basically super stretchy, soft, rubber that wraps around your whole shaft and stretches no matter how big you are. One end wraps around your balls with a compartment for a vibrating bullet on top of your shaft at the base. I turned it on and let the toy go to work! I think the one end wrapped around the balls helps to make you last longer. I guess it made me last a little longer than usual. The vibrations felt good and it produced a satisfying orgasm. It's a very nice toy. It says you can also use it with a partner. So feel free to satisfy your lady friend with it. I'm sure she'll love the vibrations!

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