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Toy: Roto-Bator Pussy
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
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Pipedream Products has a nice line of toys to choose from. I recently chose the Roto-Bator Pussy because it sounded like fun. My God, is that an understatement! It comes with a USB cord that you can charge the toy on any laptop or electronic device. I let it charge then decided to have some fun. It is a long cylindrical toy with the opening at the end designed to look like a pussy. The toy has 9 speeds that you can enjoy. The fun aspect of it is that it has different LED lights that get lit up as you change speeds and with every little movement! It was like sticking your dick in a strobe light! LOL. I used it and went up and down the spectrum using different speeds and different sensations to stimulate myself. You don't even have to move the toy up and down just keep your finger on the speed control and let the toy do all the work! It is an exceptional stimulator and it did the job! It felt so good that I rested up and used it again a little bit later, lol. It's easy for clean-up too. Just pull the sleeve away from the cylinder and use the provided cleaning solution and warm water. This is a fun little object that will bring a new sensation and a new fun time to your masturbation routine!

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