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Toy: Super Cyber Snatch Pump
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:PumpsPenis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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Wow. What can I say about my new girlfriend? LOL. The Super Cyber Snatch Pump is a dream! The toy comes in two parts a tube with a medical style pump ball on the end of it and a long tube with the working end acting as a pussy. You plug the tube into the pussy part which I found troublesome at first. I found if you shove the end deeper into the working part, you won't have trouble with it falling out. Once you lube up and insert your dick and use the pussy the way it was meant, it works fine. You grab the pump and keep squeezing it, the tube has beads that grab your cock and stimulates it like a real pussy. No batteries are needed! Just keep pumping and let the toy do all the work! It is extremely satisfying and one of the best toys that I have used. Cleanup is a snap with cleaning solution from Pipedream Products combined with warm water. Needless to say, this toy is highly recommended!

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