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Toy: Fleshlight
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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I have heard of the Fleshlight for years. They have a great marketing campaign and many different porn stars that you can choose from, 26 from my count, a couple of them who I had never heard of before! (

Since Tori Black is my all-time favorite, I just had to get her Fleshlight. When it arrived at my door, it looked just like it was advertised, from a distance, it looks like a flashlight. I unscrewed the top and there it was, Tori's pussy right in front of my face! I touched it and stuck my finger in the opening and, although it was very easy to get my finger in, once you got past the opening, it clung to my finger, like it was sucking it in. I thought, this is gonna be good!

I lubed myself up and proceeded to use the toy. It was heavenly. It felt just like a pussy, Tori's pussy. It was a very good sleeve and quickly did the job. Also, since it's so deep, about 8 1/2-9", there is no mess. For cleanup, you just run warm water through it and let it dry out naturally.

This is an easy toy for recommendation. You can fantasize about nailing your favorite porn star, after all, it was molded from their actual body or you can get a generic model.

Either way, it is well worth the purchase.

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