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Toy: Pussy Juice Lube
Reviewer: Captain Jack
Manufacturer: Pussy Juice Lube
Categories:Lubes / LotionsFor WomenFor MenPornstarFor Couples
Overall rating:
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I recently had the opportunity to try the new Pussy Juice Lube ( of Natalia and Natasha Starr, aka The Starr Sisters.

It came in a discrete package with a personal letter from each of the sisters. After talking with them, they told me how it works. They masturbated with a dildo that was made from a sponge. So their natural juices would be preserved. They wrung out the sponge, purified it and bottled it before sending it out.

As a lover of pussy, the taste, the smell, the texture, the feel, I had to try this product. When I squeezed some out, it was stringy and sticky like natural pussy juice. However, it did not smell or taste anything at all like pussy. And they both tasted the same so I can't speak to the authenticity of being their real pussy juice.

However, as a lube, it worked pretty well. You have to use a good portion so it doesn't dry up quickly but if you use enough, it does the job. It has a nice texture to it and felt good.

In conclusion, this is a good lube product (or personal moisturizer as the web page calls it). And it's appealing to get real pussy juice from a porn star. Just don't expect it to taste or smell like them.

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