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Toy: Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master
Reviewer: Josana
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:FurnitureFor Couples
Overall rating:
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"Why do you have a velvet covered inflatable pillow with handles?"

You might get asked this if you leave your position master in your den. "For neck massages" is clearly the proper answer. Actually, it is great for neck massages... and to prop up your butt in missionary... and to hold onto when in doggie.

While the construction would not qualify as high quality, mine is firm and leak-free. I can't imagine blowing it up every time I want to use it. So if you don't have somewhere to keep a pillow with handles then it's not the toy for your home.

Another small problem is cleaning. Sponge, vacuum? I'm not sure exactly how to keep the faux velvet surface lint and cum free.

Conclusion: it's fun but I wouldn't break the bank over an inflatable pillow with handles.

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