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Toy: Corn Husker's Lotion
Reviewer: Laba Laba
Categories:Lubes / LotionsFor WomenFor MenFor Couples
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Really, I'm tired of hearing about half-assed lubes, so I thought I'd turn you on to my own long-time favorite Corn Husker's Lotion. No joke.

It's a water-based hand lotion, and the "lube" portion of it is glycerin, with a small amount of alcohol -- not enough to upset UR3. Also it has a very small amount of scent, but the scent is negligible -- almost unnoticeable.

Used as intended, on hands, the lotion dries, leaving a layer of glycerin that sinks into and protects the skin. Works well as a "liquid glove" when doing dirty work, as it makes cleanup fast and easy. Also as an underlayer before spreading out a THIN layer of bag balm as a sealant.

Used as a lube, however, it shines big-time. Use more than on your hands, of course. It does NOT "dry out" unless it gets pretty thin -- most times you don't need to do that. It sinks into your skin, making your skin itself very slippery.

It's also dirt cheap and commonly available. Seven ounce bottles go for around five bucks, and most supermarkets either have it or can order it in. If three people ask for it, they will generally get it in.

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