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Toy: Robo Suck 2
Reviewer: Geek Guy
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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I imagine that the other reviews are correct in the fact that if you do not have both the size adn girth to fill this toy, then it is not right for you. However, if you do, the stimulation is amazing and the adjustable feature massages you jsut where you feel the need.

After some practice, I have even been able to sit at my desk at work and let the toy do all the work without any pumping or stroking from my part and I am able to get off in a very short time. The best feature of this toy is that when I am limited on time, I can get off in just a few minutes and many times have time for a second round.

Another great feature once the toy is used often enough is that my stamina is increased due to the reduced sensitivity with a real pussy. I cna last so much longer whether its my wife or girlfriend and both mentioned the difference without ever knowing the reason why. I am on my second RoboSuck 2 as the first one simply wore out after about 2 years. Its easy to clean and easy to hide.

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