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Toy: Devon UR3 Vibrating Pussy & Anus
Reviewer: IS
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
  Devon PussyDevon's Pussy at The Toy Chest

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I purchased the Devon Pussy/Anus in UR3 for ~$60. It's a frontal view of a vagina and anus, 2 entries connected into a single tunnel. It comes with a bullet vibrator shaped like a tiny dick with about ten power levels and five modes (constant, a couple patterns and a couple building power cycles 1-10 and repeat). There's an additional tunnel (entrance at back of unit near drain hole) that runs beside the main tunnel for you to jam the vib into.

Packaging: Poor. Plastic shell with everything dumped into it (lube, instructions, talc powder, toy) stuck inside the box. The talc cap was off and the box was plastered with it when it got here. At least it wasn't the lube (they use the same bottle type). It doesn't ruin the experience or anything, but come on, spend the dollar it costs to put some packing material in there. Foam/cardboard inserts aren't expensive.

Vibrator: I have no experience with these so I can't really comment. It works, you can feel it even on lowest power from the channel it can sit in. It's not hugely strong, but the power increases enough you can tell any two power settings apart. The building power cycle modes could be fun. Requires three AA batteries. Wand cord is maybe 3-4ft long. I wouldn't be surprised if the cord came out of the bullet or remote after a few months. Not flimsy, but certainly not heavy duty either.

The toy:
First, I have not experienced the real thing (forever alone), so I can't comment on realism. I'm uncut, typically masturbate dry (Tried it with lube, dry is faster and more intense), and my previous experience with sleeves was with a Fleshlight UT Pink Lady (after a couple uses I took a razor blade to the inside to loosen it slightly and add ribs).

Size: Ok, I'm apparently the exception to the guys who review these toys. I don't have a ten inch dick. I'm about 6.5" long and maybe 5.5-6" circumference. This toy was maybe a TINY bit shorter than I'd like. Thrusting into it, the tip of my dick would just barely peek out the drain hole. Of course since the toy has no core, if I pulled it into me, it compressed and a lot more of me would stick out. In either case you can't really tell by feel that it's happening, but if you cum inside, expect it to shoot out the drain hole.
Gabbing onto it? I'd really like it to be a full ass with a full set of hips. Trying to grab the ~3" of flesh on all sides (the "stumps") was awkward, a massive nuisance with lube on the toy or your hands. Of course, those size toys cost a lot more. Still, I think this toy would easily be worth $125+ if it were shaped more like the PDX Fuck me silly (the first one). Every use I find myself cursing the lack of anywhere to grab a hold of it.

Maybe it's me, but try as I might, I can't find any comfortable way to mount this laying down. Maybe if you have a firm full body pillow or something. I don't have one, so I tried a few things then gave up. I now only use the toy standing. I think that lying down positions almost require a "torso" or some substitute for it. Without one I wound up in a pushup position awkwardly thrusting and tired out damn fast. Feels bad man.

Appearance: Outside looks pretty good. The mold even caught a couple razor bumps on Devons mound. Lips aren't quite as impressive, but still better than most toys I've seen in pictures. Inside isn't anything to write home about.

Feel: Tightness is fine, much looser than my Fleshlight UT (which was way too tight), but the lack of independent tunnels for ass and pussy does mean that I'm disappointed whenever I switch to the ass. No matter how many times I try I still keep on wanting the ass to be tighter than the pussy. The only real difference is that the pussy entrance feels better (ass really has no character to the entrance. They tried to make it tighter I think, but the portion of tightness before it joins the pussy tunnel isn't long enough to really be tight, the UR3 is too stretchy.
The outside feels a little like skin. Powdered it feels like powdered skin. Lubed it feels like Jello. In my opinion the UR3 material is a few notches too yielding. I wish it was a bit firmer.
The inside tunnel is ribbed slightly. It feels pretty good raw. With a condom on I can't feel the ribbing at all.

Cleanup: Not bad at all. Run it under a faucet. Washes right out. WAY easier to clean and dry than a Fleshlight.

Convenience: It's pretty small, I'd estimate about 8x8x4" thereabouts. Could probably fit it in one of those old style metal lunchboxes. The back is flat and grippy, so unless you're really going to town it should stay put, even slightly angled.

Better than hand (dry or lubed). Not too bad to cleanup. I can see myself using it 50 of the time or more. If size/hiding/cost isn't a problem, I really think a larger model (like the PDX fuck me silly's or even a large doggy style toy with a big ass and/or hips) is worth it. Like I said, not having a good, realistic place to grip it during use is a huge drawback. I'd say it's not really a full faux crotch or body substitute. It falls somewhere between one of those and a masturbation sleeve. Properly set up it can be fucked rather than rubbed on you, but so can sleeves (with a little more setup), and there just isn't enough "body" around the orifices to make it stand apart from Fleshlights and sleeves the way that I imagine bigger toys with good realistic grabbing points would.

In the end this toy is nice, but I expect I'll get a Doggy style toy and/or a PDX Fuck Me Silly 2 to replace it.

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