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Toy: Head Honcho
Reviewer: Jayo
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
  Head Honcho Penis SleeveHead Honcho at Sensual Universe

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Head Honcho sleeve
California Exotics (endorsed by Sue Johanson)
Avg internet mail order price: $18

At last, a subject I know something about.

I bought my first masturbation sleeve *cough*-ty years ago (at about the same price). It was a beige, vinyl plastic thing that looked a bit like a bicycle handlebar grip; it was smooth inside, so with lube it had no friction at all and I may as well have been humping a bicycle handlebar grip.

That went into the trash. The next one was similar but it had numbs inside. I thought great, this'll give me some feedback. Nope. It was so stiff my unit
just glided over the top of them and I didn't feel a thing. Trash.

The most recent one was the Senso Sapphire (which I reviewed elsewhere). It was about the size of a cola can, but the internal canal was molded from a slender carriage bolt--lots of thread. I figured that would give some friction, even with the lube.

It did, all right. It was like screwing sandpaper. No amount of lube in the world seemed to help. Plus it was "too" stretchy. The internal canal was about
the diameter of a pencil, and you take your (usually lubed) fingers and literally pull this jello-y thing down onto your hog. I'm average hung, and I still had
problems with it. It was so stretchy it wanted to walk itself off your cock, so if you lost hold of it (very easy with slippery, lubed hands), it would pop itself off.


After a lot of carping, looking around, and dithering, I finally decided to try another sleeve. This one had gotten a very good write-up at a website I tend to trust, and it turns out to be part of "Sue Johanson's" endorsed sex toy line. Sue Johanson has a sex advice tv show ("Sex Talk with Sue Johanson" in the USA, Sunday nights on Oxygen), and she seems pretty realistic to me; not one of those hotty "sexperts" who are really just models or ex-porn stars who are selling toys for a living. Plus the price was, even after tax and shipping, $25. I figured I could afford to experiment at that price.

The Box
Smaller than I was thinking. The box has a cartoon characature of Sue Johanson on it, and to me it looks more like Michael Caine than Sue. Neither one is the sort of thing that's going to make me want this product. But the picture on the outside of the box is accurate, which is a nice touch.

The Head Honcho
Stupid name.

Again, smaller than I thought. About 5-inches long. 2/3'rds of it is a shalf about the diameter of a D-cell flashlight, then there a couple of step-up ridges
and then the outer ring itself. The business end of it has little nubs (I guess to stimulate the skin at the base your unit) and a ridge that I guess is supposed to look like vaginal lips. Yeah, whatever. It's made of silicone, yet it has a nasty-ass odor that smells like resin to me. I hope it'll go away because it doesn't exactly enhance the mood. The outside is a bit sticky, or maybe it's rough, but it feels a little sticky. I think this may help you keep a grip on it if your hands are slippery with lube.

The material is clear so you can see the internal sleeve. It definitely has elaborate internals. Imagine something like a heavy bolt, and then about every 1/4 inch there are 1/4-inch thick discs (like on an automobile camshaft), and on the outer face of those discs are nittle nubs. That's the "3 suction cavities" advertised. Yeah, whatever. It's a marketing gimmick. But it's an interesting design nonentheless.

In Use
Unlike most sleeves, this one is closed at the far end, so you can drizzle lube in without worrying about making a mess at the other end. It stretched easily, and it was a bit more relaxed than the Senso Sapphire sleeve. I was easily able to run a finger inside and lube up all the passages without any trouble.

Insertion wasn't difficult, but it was definitely unique. Every time I'd pass another one of the "discs" it was like going past another small obsticle, so there was a "bump" "bump" "bump" feel to it. I was easily able to pull it a bit to help evaculate some of the air that was trapped. Because it was clear, I was able to get this distorted funhouse view of my cock, and I'd have taken a picture of it if I'd had my camera (thankfully I can't find it). That helped me figure out when I was all the way in.

The sensation surprised me a bit; with lube, it wasn't very powerful at all. There are little nubs at the very end but I couldn't feel them, nor the ridges inside; but I began stroking in and out of it, it did feel pleasant. Since I'm on the sensitive side, I liked not having an "intense" feeling anyway.

Even though my hands were a little slippery with lube, I was able to easily hold onto it and maneuver, and being able to see inside did give me a better than average sense of how to vary the length of the stroke--something I could never do with other things.

I was also pleased at how well it held lube. A lot of other sleeves drink lube because it tends to get plunged away. Maybe because it's closed, the lube stayed. I didn't have to stop and add more, or add water if it got gummy, the way I have with other toys.

Cleaning it was pretty easy. Because it's closed on the end, it was simply a matter of walking it over to the sink. As mentioned on a couple websites, it can be turned completely inside out, which helped with both washing and air-drying. Also makes for a second sex toy, if you want to try porking it in-side out for a different effect.

Best sub-$50 sex toy (and arguably on par with $50 toys) I've seen. It's small so it's not too difficult to hide, but if you're busted, it doesn't look like anything but what it is. About the only thing I hate about it is the smell.

It's cheap, effective, easy to clean. How much more could you ask for?

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