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Toy: Red Boy Large Butt Plug
Reviewer: Netty Bird
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
  Red Boy Large Butt PlugRed Boy Large Butt Plug

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Red Boy Large Butt Plug

Vital Stats
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson, under the Red Boy guise
Colour: Red (obviously)
2 inches in diameter at widest point
4.75" insertable
1.5" diameter at neck
Price: paid £15 pounds in local store, no doubt cheaper on-line
Material: Smooth, easy-clean, flexible plastic shell, filled rubber core
Target "audience": Folks with butts slutty enough to take on a two inch stretch

Nice body, shame about the base....

Now my little butt has seen it share of plugs. I don't profess to be an expert, but my tush swallows this little beastie with almost embarrassing ease. This, though, is one of the most comfortable plugs my ass has had the pleasure of accommodating. I've always found a lot of plugs to be slightly too pointed at the tip, poking you in an irritating way. The Red Boy, however is more acorn shaped, wedging itself snugly above the anus, making itself right at home. It makes for a very pleasing out-and-about plug, well suited to extended wear – I've spent many an hour at work easing the boredom quietly letting my ass muscles wrestle with this! The size means it's meaty enough to leave your ass pleasantly relaxed, cutely gaping for more.

While not quite as thick as the DocJ Large plug, the neck feels wider, (holding your eager little hole open about 1.5 inches) This means it doesn’t clamp into place quite as firmly as the DocJ Large which has more body above the neck. Nevertheless, it still gives a satisfying pop once it’s found its way home.

Now to the bad news. The Red Boy range tagline is "Go ahead, play rough!" Okay, that's fine (nothing like a marketing gambit masquerading as a challenge), if only this toy were designed for rough play. The flange base is disappointingly flimsy, being merely an extension of the thin plastic shell with no filling. After only a couple of months of enthusiastic, but hardly "rough" usage, a tear began to appear on the base, next to the neck. Unsurprisingly, the tear slowly grew – major disappointment, a real, ahem "bummer" (pardon the pun)

This (base notwithstanding) is a very nice plug. I, for one, enjoy a bit of anal career progression – it's good to expand you horizons and aim a little higher. Sadly, the only place to go with the Red Boy range is double or nothing. Their next largest plug is called, with no whiff of understatement, "The Challenge". Measuring a whopping 4.5" across by 9" tall, that's just far bigger than I want to go (at the moment!). It would be nice to have an intermediate plug to bridge the gap – possibly at the 3" stage?

All in all, the Red Boy Large Plug is a very comfortable, ass pleasing toy that would have got full marks were it not let down by its flimsy base.

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