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Toy: Pamela Love Doll
Reviewer: Jayo
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Love DollsFor Men
Overall rating:
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You don't have to be very old to see the difference in sex toys then and now--the development in materials, in complexity, in the stylish, idealized and realistic representation of things. It even extends to inflatable love dolls. Thirty years ago they were mainly made of thin vinyl, they looked like a pool toy made to resemble a girl, with a painted face, vague forms for head, hands, feet and breasts. The "orifices" were smooth, featureless sleeves. Modern dolls incorporate better materials. Orifices have internal texture and are made of stronger, better feeling materials. Vinyl is double or triple ply, bonded together with better seams. Hands and feet are molded with fingers and toes. Arms are sometimes hinged to move. Faces have formed features and attached wigs. Breasts are fuller and have realistic looking nipples.

But Pamela IS your father's love doll, a throwback from the 70s, the kind Clint Eastwood popped in "The Enforcer," that Dudley Moore had stashed in his bedroom in "Foul Play." Almost 5feet tall but barely a foot wide at the hips, Pamela is about as retro as you can get. The vinyl is thin and seams are hard and have somewhat sharp edges, which can catch you at unpleasant times. The head is simply an orb with a painted face and hair. The breasts are little cups bonded to the body, neither interesting to look at nor fondle. The arms are hooked in the standard love-doll pose, and the legs are formed in missionary position. The blow-up nipple is in the middle of her back and has no check-valve, so if you want her fully inflated, good luck trying to get it plugged and closed without leaking air. The three "entries" (oral, anal and vaginal) are all smooth sleeves and are bonded to the body by hard seems with unpleasant edges around the entry: some people may find they dig into the skin.

Pamela also suffers from the same problem many inflatables have. Her vaginal placement is pretty much in the middle of her hips and her legs don't move, so entry requires some struggle with the legs. Anal is a little better. Oral on these dolls is usually the best simply because the head entry doesn't have so many things that can get in the way. Pamela also doesn't weigh much, which means she tends to ride with you so it's difficult to get a rythmn going. One technique is to underinflate her a bit, which makes her limbs more flexible, and then hold her down. But that requires positioning right out of the Kama Sutra. Fine if you like it, but many of us lose our interest if we have to struggle with the things.

Pamela works best for three scenarios: as a gag gift where it'll likely never be used but just seeing her is enough; for guys who have an inflatable fetish and love them as they are; and for horny teens who will stick it in almost anything as long as it doesn't feel like their own hand. Beyond that, it's best left on the shelf in favor of more expensive but better looking and feeling love dolls.

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