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Toy: Toy Joy Butt Bandit
Reviewer: Rampart
Manufacturer: Toy Joy
Categories:Anal ToysButt PlugsVibrating
Overall rating:
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As promised in my first review I'll continue to review toys. I guess it's quite important to prevent people from wasting money on crappy products and getting disappointed. This time it's a vibrating toy... :)

Toy reviewed: Toy Joy Butt Bandit

Date reviewed: 20/09/2006

Level of Anal Play/Experiences: Moderate (up to 1.5"/4 cm in diameter) and don't want to go further :)

Overall ... B+
Feeling/Sensation ... A
Fit ... A-
Ease of Use ... A
Programs ... B
Shopping Experience ... A
Price ... A


Price: GBP 24.99 + GBP 10 S/H [GBP 1 ~ USD 1.90] (all within Europe, and unfortunately the toys are more expensive here)

Length: 5", Insertable length: 4.25", Circumference: 5", Diameter: 1.6", Material: Jelly

Why I chose this toy/brand: As mentioned in my first review I enjoy Anal play with my wife and also on my own (For those who is new to that kind of activity - the reasons are: multiple mind blowing orgasms and healthy prostate !!!). I always wanted to get a vibrating toy to be able to "relax" properly without having to fiddle around down there. I also like to change the toys during the "session" so having a few ready is always good. :)
I was browsing through several reviews but nothing was appealing enough. It was either the size being to small/big; the vibrating functions quite limited (vibro bullet around sphincter not reaching the prostate) ; and other issues which stopped me from buying the toy.
The Butt Bandit has caught my attention with its shape, range of functions (Vibrating, Surging, Escalating, Pulsating, Super Speed), the position of the vibrating egg close to the tip and detachable cord. The only concern was the Jelly material which sometimes causes allegic reaction, so those having this problem should be using a condom with this toy.

First Experience: The package from LoveHoney arrived quickly. All the packaging was discrete and safe as usual for established adult shops. After a hard day at work and my wife being abroad I decided to relief some stress and try out the new toy. Having my standard procedure of few drinks, cleaning and a DVD from my big collection I have started with a warm up gently stretching my sphincter with a small vibrator. This time I went for the good old Vaseline as a lube choice and in my opinion it's still the best lube around (Unfortunately it doesn't really work with some of the toys). I went trough a good warm up session and had no difficulties to insert this plug slowly (!!!) into my rectum. The only let's say unusual thing was the rawly texture of the toy. (I used it later with some water/silicone base lube and it wasn't very comfortable but Vaseline compensates this quite good).
After it was in place I have connected the remote control and started with the programs. There are five of them and I have to say all of them have a lot of potential.

The simple Vibration can be used to relax/warm up the sphincter to prepare it for the things to come. I recommend to to leave it on vibration for some time to get used to the sensations and ease the muscles.
b. Surging goes quite well combined with a good breath technique. (Vibration = Inhale, Stop = Exhale). Quite interesting sensations can be developed using this technique.
c. Escalating is providing a good stimulation of the sphincter hitting the prostate a bit. I have to admit it's not my favourite and it's just good to switch on for a change of stimulation type. Maybe for a couple of minutes and not more.
d. Pulsating (short, short, long rhythm, break) is an interesting program which gives one a good tingling on both the prostate and the sphincter especially when breathing in rhythm with the pulsation. It takes some exercise for those who are unskilled in breath techniques. But it's worth it.
e. Super Speed well I guess when you leave it on for too long it will make you pretty numb and cause the opposite effect of the one you wanted to achieve.

To sum it up - I haven't reached any kind of anal/prostate orgasm/ejaculation using the Butt Bandit but the second program - "Surging" is defenetely my favourite. The toy is a great addition to any anal lover. (I still haven't convinced my wife to try it). But it should stay an addition just to spice it up. The detachable cord is a big plus making it easy to go out with the Butt Bandit in. You can punch a hole in your pocket put the wire through and play around once you see someone hot. I'm concidering to take it to a meeting at work and just to make the infinite boredom more exciting :) The vibration is silent enough to make it imperceptible for others.

Special Considerations: This toy is too big for the absolute beginner. The lube to use is defenetely some sort of a greasy substance. Vaseline works the best and it's till my favourite of all lubes available. I guess it will cause some numbness and in worst case might cause irritation of the prostate if left in for too long.

I use the Fairy Antibacterial dish washing liquid to clean most of my toys. The toy isn't waterproof, so be careful with water.

Conclusion:The toy is not a beginners toy and should not be the only toy in your collection. The sensations are intesnse especially when combining with a proper breath technique. The price is a bit high but is good for the value you get with this toy. A great way to spice up an "anal session".

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at :[at] I'm also on
P.S. I'd really appreciate a review from the female point of view.

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