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Toy: Blush UR3 6-inch Dildo
Reviewer: Rampart
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Dildos/DongsAnal ToysFor WomenFor Men
Overall rating:
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I was looking for a serious sex toys review website and stumbled across this one. The quality of the reviews inspired me to write a few on my own. This is my first sex toy review but not about my first sex toy. :-)

Toy reviewed: Doc Johnson Blush UR3 6-inch Cock
Date reviewed: 09/09/2006
Level of Anal Play/Experiences: Moderate (up to 1.5"/4cm in diameter) and don't want to go further :)

Overall ... A+
Feeling/Sensation ... A++
Fit ... A
Ease of Use ... A
Shopping Experience ... A+
Price ... A


Price: EUR 17.95 + EUR 10 S/H (all within Europe but they ship worldwide too)

Dimensions: My model is a smaller model with 7" x 1.5" where the insertable portion is around 6" [14 x 4 cm metric]. This toy is also available in smaller sizes.

Why I choose this toy/brand: Well I'm a heterosexual man who's enjoying all sorts of anal play. On this path I went through quite a few toys starting with small sized "starter kits" manufactured out of different materials. It's maybe a bit embarrassing to admit but I found out that smaller size toys might be quite good for the prostate stimulation but don't provide any sensations on the rectal nerve endings. So I came across the Triple Ripple Butt Plug and have been using it for quite some time. Some time later I decided to get a dildo which I can use during strap-on play with my wife and on my own. After some purchases (reviews to follow) I've ordered the Blush UR3 6-inch Cock. I also went for Doc Johnson because I've always had good experiences with this manufacturer and had absolutely no quality concerns. Also a soft but firm toy is quite hard to find, it's usually too soft or too heavy.

Material: The UR3 is a new revolutionary realistic material developed by Doc Johnson and it's really something special. It's quite "alive" when it's inserted.

First Experience: The toy arrived just after two days after I've ordered it. The packaging was discrete and there was no sign of any adult related materials, the toy itself was sealed and cushioned to prevent any transportation damages. By the evening, I was ready to give it a go. After some cleaning procedures, a few drinks and and a a good DVD in my player I begun to ease up my rectum using a small vibrator while continuously applying lube.
As I'm usually quite patient during the "warm-up" and try to ease it up to the maximum (in order to make the Triple Ripple Butt Plug fit) I just stopped after a few minutes thinking about the new toy. I spread a nice, thick layer of silicone lube all over the the toys shaft and touched it to my anus. Without a proper warm up it took me a few tries to get it in and usually I tend feel some discomfort and it takes me either some time to get used to the toy or I go back to warm-up. But there comes the "UR3 revolution", the material adopts to the body so quickly which leaves you with no actual discomfort even at this size.
During the insertion the sensations caused by the stretch at the anal sphincter almost made me faint. And once it was in place it did not slide out although my sphincter muscles where going crazy about the item of this size causing the toy to pulse inside which forced my entire body to shake. After my body got used to it I begun to stroke softly lying on the side of my body I can tell that the toy requires some practice with toys and might not be all to comfortable for the very beginners. After 10 or so minutes of stroking it began to gently (!!!) touch my prostate causing quite a new and unknown feeling. At this point I have to mention that I usually masturbate a little during anal play to maintain a hard erection but this time it wasn't necessary at all.
After some time lying on the side my first "Super-O" kicked in which made me scream loudly and left my gasping for air having severe body convulsions. And all this happened within 15 minutes or even less. After a short break without pulling the toy out I decided to ride it (the "balls" base is flat and keeps the toy standing even at a soft surface like a couch or a mattress, but you have still to hold it as it doesn't stick) and after a short while another "Super-O" stroke my body with even more intensity than the first one but this time I continued angling the toy to hit the prostate a bit harder. Some time later I had quite a messy ejaculation without even touching my penis once during the whole experience.
The toy left a very pleasant and long lasting after-experience and I must admit I have used it for another two times same night... Which made me feel a bit dizzy next day but in a very pleasant way...
Special Considerations: This toy is too big for the absolute beginner, there are smaller toys on the market made out of UR3 material. My recommendation is to get this one together with your smaller toy soy you can use it as soon as you feel ready. Lube is absolutely necessary and I highly recommend any silicone based lube. I have also applied around 5cc/ml using a syringe applicator directly into the rectum.

Care: I use the Fairy Antibacterial dish washing liquid to clean most of my toys. It seems that it's also perfectly fine to use with the UR3 material.

Conclusion: The toy is not a beginners toy but thanks to the unique material one can advance to this level quite quickly. The sensations are much more intense than the ones caused by to ys form any other materals. The price is absolutely perfect for the value you get with this toy. A straight A+ for this toy Doc Johnson!!!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at :[at]
P.S. I don't sell toys, the email address was proposed by the provider :)))

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