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Toy: Scorpion Stinger
Reviewer: The.Gecko
Manufacturer: TopCo
Categories:Anal ToysCock RingsFor Men
Overall rating:
  Scorpion StingerScorpion Stinger at Sensual Universe

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What can I say? I'm a straight guy who enjoys anal stimulation. If you've never had a prostate gland-driven orgasm before then you have no idea, no concept, of just how powerful this pleasurable experience can be.

You have untapped potential my friend.

So far the best toy I’ve encountered for this has been the Scorpion Stinger. I cannot find a single downfall with any aspect of this quality device; it is both well thought-out and well made.

The shaft is slim and firm yet easily malleable. The interior of it is made with some sort of marbles that press against each other as well as against the tightly wrapped outer sheath. It conforms to any curve or bend you can put into it (allowing for a lot of experimentation and adjusting) and retains the same shape from entry to removal.

The base of the device is held in place by a cyberskin harness that also acts, in the form of a figure eight, as both a scrotal and genital constrictor (cock-rings) and perineum stimulator. Both rings hold firm and give you a noticeably harder erection while still maintaining good healthy blood flow. Personally I don’t like the feelings inside my penis with a cock-ring on so I opt to just use the scrotal portion which still keeps a nice erection going with complete penile sensation.

The Scorpion “ends” at its base in a high-quality bullet connected by wire to a TLC controller. The controller has a digital interface, an on/off button, and two buttons for stepping backwards and forwards through the cycles. It also has some weight to it. Six “AA” batteries are required to load it. This may seem like a lot but having more batteries “in series” actually prolongs their lifespan as they produce power more efficiently.

It has ten unique combinations of rhythms filled with both long and short pulses and two variations of constant vibration (one low and one high). You would think that the ten “settings” would get repetitive but a lot of thought and engineering were put into them.

The fifth setting of the ten is my favorite because it’s a little bit of everything; it really puts you through the paces in the beginning and keeps you from getting bored with any repetitive rhythms until you decide that you “want” a more constant stimulation.

For an anal toy it is actually very un-messy. You only need an initial insertion to start rocking-n-rolling and it doesn’t require a lot of lube at all because once it’s in place you’re ready to go.


- An enema kit. To keep everything tidy.

- A second bullet for penis stimulation. With very little motion you’re allowed to concentrate on complete and total sensation. I’ve found that using a bullet (usually meant for women) wrapped in a wash-cloth (by two rubber bands) is awesome for applying and removing pressure (bailing in and out before the big one, HAHA). Penile stimulation actually increases pressure against the prostate too so they complement each other well.

Overall it is a quality anal toy for guys. One that gives you a lot of options and flexibility with every aspect of it... from internal placement, to scrotal/penile constrictors, to the pulses and rhythms. I’d also like to note that it has led me to having a “continued” low-level pleasure throughout the next day after an amazing fifty minute session the night before... the reason I decided to write this article!

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to email me.

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