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Toy: XL Humungous Butt Plug
Reviewer: Don
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Anal ToysButt Plugs
Overall rating:
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This toy is only for advanced users. It is 4.5 thick and has a flexible outer shell and a solid rubber inner piece. The problem with the shell is that it will wrinkle when applying a lot of pressure inserting it and that wrinkling can pinch and hurt. On mine I removed the outer shell and now have a very nice 4.25 thick usable toy. I always heat my toys in hot water to as warm as I can stand it and use a lot of lubricant. I use Crisco and even though the oil based lubricants will deteriorate the toy over time, I still will only use oil based in my ass. Water based dissipates far too quickly. You will be very sour the first time or two that you use get this all the way into your ass but after that you wont be satisfied with anything else. Ive been using this size plug now for about 8 years and my biggest disappointment is that I no longer enjoy any other toys. For me the pressure the heat gets me off every time.

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