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Toy: Fun Factory Gigolo II
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Manufacturer: Fun Factory
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Fun Factory Gigolo VibratorGet the Gigolo at Erotic Elements

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I got a big smile on my face when I opened up my package containing the Fun Factory Gigolo II. The stylized shape was very appealing, as was its sexy bright red color. It came in a box with the cheerful attitude that Fun Factory is known for (their company slogan is "love yourself!"), and the box also included a sample of Fun Factory’s Toy Fluid water-based lube, which I thought was smart packaging.

The silicone feels velvety, as billed, and very pleasurable to the touch. The slanted, tapering top provides a unique, pleasant sensation. The top 5 inches are quite flexible, the rest of it is rigid.

The vibe runs on two AA batteries; it is not very obvious how to open the battery compartment, but the directions explain it fine. Also, the way to insert the batteries is not stamped into the compartment (if it is, I couldn't see it anywhere), but, again, the directions have the info. So, this is the biggest complaint I would have with the Gigolo II.

Gigolo II is part of the 2nd Generation of the Smartvibes line of vibrators from Fun Factory. These 2nd Generation vibes feature an ergonomic control, slanted for easy access and able to be controlled with just one finger. Even if that finger happens to be wet and sticky---ah, the brilliance of German engineering!

One other big plus is that it is very quiet. "You could have your windows open" quiet, even on the very highest setting. Nice. The vibrator’s speed control is "stepless", so you can exactly control what intensity you’d like, from pretty gentle (and extremely quiet), to rather powerful (and just slightly, getting-toward loud.)

It is water-resistant, and can be used in the shower. This also makes the Gigolo II very easy to clean up with soap and water. The battery compartment needs to be opened up to air out afterward. It should not be submerged in the bath.

The vibrator can be used externally and also vaginally. About 6 inches of it are insertable (its diameter is 1.75- inch at its thickest point). It also works well, because of its shape and soft texture, in conjuction with intercourse. Not only that, it also works well in conjuction with other silicone toys, as silicone transmits vibrations very well. So, say if you were to put in your favorite silicone dildo, then hold the Gigolo II up against both the base of the dildo and your clit (which is easy to do given the Gigolo II’s size) you could stimulate your clit, lips, vaginal walls, and cervix at all once. Nice!

Caution: This vibrator is not intended for anal insertion! There is no flange, which all anally-inserted toys absolutely should have, unless having to retrieve a lost toy is your idea of a party.

Who would probably like the Gigolo II: Anyone looking for a silicone vibe that can be used externally or vaginally. Especially one that is durable, water-resistant, battery-operated, and ergonomically-controlled.

Who might want to avoid it: Anyone wanting the following: an anally-insertable vibrator, a vibrator that plugs into the wall, a remote-controlled vibrator, a vibrator with varying pulse-type cycles, or a water-submersible vibrator.

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