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Toy: Alexa's Vibrating Love Doll
Reviewer: jayo
Manufacturer: Wicked
Categories:Love DollsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Alexa Love DollAlexa Love Doll at The Toy Chest

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Alexa is a vinyl inflatable sex doll with three openings, a mannequin head, and movable arms. She's about 5'3 if she stood upright, but she's posed in a permanently kneeling position.

The pussy and anus openings are molded from a soft, stretchy material with internal nodules for added friction, and they are by far the best part of the doll. Unfortunately they are not connected so it can be a chore to wash them out. Deflated dolls don't fit in bathroom sinks very well, and even washing in the shower can be a struggle.

She has a mannequin head, which makes her prettier than most dolls but also makes her very top-heavy, so she won't stand (or kneel) without help. Her mouth is extremely tight. One person I know says he could penetrate it comfortably, but most other owns said they had to modify the mouth by cutting the sides of the mouth with a razor (ewwww) so it would open wider. I never tried it--it felt like I was caught in a chinese finger trap when I tried putting my finger in it.

She's also posed in a kneeling position--I have no idea why. She can't kneel properly because of the weight of her head, and her mouth is too tight for fellatio. When she's on her back her kneeling legs push her into a 45-degree angle. About the only thing it's good for is to use them to hook her over the side of the bed. If you put her face down for rear-entry, her calves stick up right where you want to be.

Like most blow-ups, Alexa needs to be underinflated in order to make her posable--like moving her legs out of the way. One person, who loved this doll the most, said the best way to do her was to underflate her a lot and then bend her legs so her ankles were up by your ears. That does work, but I found it more work than it was worth. Further, I hate the look of the underinflated doll--the vinyl wrinkles and her tits look like those of a 60-year old woman. But you have to underinflate her if you want access--in nearly any position.

Plus if you underinflate her, she bobs a lot because the air that is in the doll will rush here and there depending on the stroke. This means the pussy (or anal) sleeve will ride with you, reducing your actual stroke.

Good doll if you like inflatables--this one taught me that I don't.

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