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Toy: Stealth Super Pump
Reviewer: Jayo
Manufacturer: Nasswalk
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
  Stealth Penis PumpStealth Pump at The Toy Chest

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I had one of these things, though it had a different name at the time. It's a pump, but not a vacuum pump. It looks like a huge earth-worm. Outside there are concentric ribs. Inside there are bladders that run lengthwise. The idea is that slip yourself in and then pump it up--the bladders fill and tighten up around you.

So how is it? So-so. The bladders are smooth and they run lengthwise so there's not much friction with lube. The pumping action is nice since you vary the tightness, but if you want a lot of variation, you'll be pumping and bleeding a lot. Plus you still have to stroke.

There's a vibrator at the end of it, which runs by a knob. Whether you like this or not depends on how you feel about head-vibrators.

I advise against it. Get a Fleshlight. It's a far better value and more versatile.

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