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Toy: Nanci Brabuster
Reviewer: Jayo
Categories:Love DollsFor Men
Overall rating:
A description and photo is located at NANMA distributors which means you can likely find this doll somewhere.

I recognized this doll because I got her as a gag gift some 20 years ago--the old girl hasn't changed. I don't have her any more so I'm working from memory: sheet vinyl with seams, inflates to about 5-feet. Prone position. Three holes: mouth, vagina and anus--all sleeves probably 5 to 6-inches deep. Thumb is differentiated from hand but not individual fingers. Feet are slipper types. Face is a mask bonded onto the vinyl head. Breasts are individually molded plastic bonded onto the sheet vinyl torso. Cheap blonde wig.

The molded plastic is stiff--if you want oral you may find yourself chafing against the lips. The boobs have a little bit of squeezable squishiness to them but the nipples are rock hard and can put an eye out. The cavities are all smooth sleeves so don't expect much friction.

Comes with a bullet vibe, which was the best part of the doll.

It was a gift so I don't know how much she cost, but I'm guessing she's probably around $20 or so. Makes a good gag gift or prop but likely a lousy lay unless you're deliriously horny or have an incredible vinyl fetish.

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