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Toy: Cassidey All American Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Mark McAllister
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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I ordered this after a battle between Briana and Devon-- this one looked more realistic to me (in the internet photos) I received it not long afterwards. My first thought was: This thing is smaller than I thought it would be. Although accurate to the size posted (something like 9" x 8" x 3" but I guess I didn't figure it would sit flat (not angled naturally like the pictures)

So I decided to give it a whirl. Well first off, entering is difficult if you prop a pillow up behind it (bringing it to natural angle). Reason being is the canal travels more upwards (well my penis isn't exactly pointing up, so it ended up pushing downwards on the bottom of the toy) It felt really good, but was just worried I might poke through the UR3 already. So I tried placing it flat... ahh much better! However it was measured at 6" deep, I found myself poking out the drain hole. Actually the depth didn't bother me as much anyways-- the anus is actually deeper (due in part to the straight-across shot it has with the drainhole. I think that was close to 7" or maybe a bit longer. I pretty much always use the anus.

As far as "feeling like the real thing" Pretty close. Now as everyone says, this is NO replacement for the real thing. But with my wife gone for two weeks, it does it's job. Folding the vagina lips back will show it isn't just a hole (but about 1" of realistic meaty flesh (before it merges with the love canal) The inner opening lips are pretty realistic to detail! The inside of the canal is lined with little nubs (barely raised at all) which simulate the feel of a real vagina. Both the vagina/anus share the same canal and join in about 3". You will not feel where they join (they designed that very well!) It actually makes the vagina feel more real, as the texture slightly changes. It even has a G spot.

Durability-- Well I've used it 6 times so far. As expected, the anus has slight tears upper/lower. They dont appear like they will spread... they just tried to expand to fill the size it was taking. The vagina is still perfect. The pink paint is almost gone (which I'm glad) It was SO pink when it was new, that made it seem less real. I found myself rubbing it off.

Another word about tightness. I think I'm your average 5 to 5.5" in girth and about 7 1/2" long. I really dont think it was too tight (not like I expected from hearing other reviews) Just dont try to enter unless you're rock hard! Attempting to enter on a semi-hard unit will find it pushing you back out. This gets frustrating as you try everything to get in. The anus seemed a bit easier to get into anyways (and again felt better for me)

I threw out the lube provided (as everyone else apparently did) I tried two types of lube and each one exibited the same problems-- they dried out quickly and rubber sticking to you at the openings ruin the mood quickly. I found that using hand lotion does the job much much better and wont dry out.

Would I buy it again? Well, probably not being I've had my experiences. I still prefer my hand as I can get better consistant control. This toy is fun though! I dont think you will find anything that looks more realistic. I just wish it was larger (as even the sight of it being real, the size still lets you know it's just a rubber toy)

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