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Toy: Mistress
Reviewer: Domina
Manufacturer: Vixen Creations
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor Women
Overall rating:
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Brought to you by Bleu Review

"The Dominitrix of Dildos!"

The Mistress is manufactured by Vixen Creations, a woman-owned San Francisco company that has been creating premium silicone sex toys since 1992. These toys are--as you would expect from a woman-owned company--as pretty to look at as they are fun to use. The Mistress is a combination of "fine art and eroticism" with its ultra sleek design and juicy colors including bubble gum pink, strawberry, grape, chocolate and vanilla as well as swirls and glamour glitters. In fact, the Mistress is one of the prettiest cocks I've ever seen, and for you chicks-with-dicks who want a dildo to feel real but not it (i.e.: veins, etc...)--like that's sexy--the Mistress resembles a tasty popsicle more than it does a penis. Looks almost good enough to eat.

I love this dildo and so does my naughty girlfriend Becca. It's silicone design has an ultra smooth silky feeling, that glides in and out with long slender strokes that feel so wonderful. Perfect for women who enjoy the sensation of penetration, it features a realistic feeling head, is amazingly flexible and has a nice girth.

The Mistress can also be used with a harness (like the Terra Firma) for sensual girl-on-girl strap-on play or for bending-over-boyfriends. Its flared base makes it perfect for anal play or strapping-on to a harness.

Silicone is the ultimate sex toy material: it is smooth and resilient for a very realistic feel. It transmits heat and cold well and warms to body temperature quickly. Silicone is the only sex toy material that can be safely sterilized in boiling water for toy swapping among your closest friends. In fact, the silicone is so superior that Vixen Creations offers a lifetime warranty if you purchase the Mistress or one of their other many fine silicone sex toys. This sili-dilly (silicone dildo) is Dominitrix of Dildos because it kicks ass!

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