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Toy: Jill Kelly Jelly Climaxer
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Categories:PumpsFor MenVibrating
Overall rating:
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Jill Kelly Jelly Climaxer

Type: Pump/Vagina (I bought this at Adult DVD Empire they have it listed as a Pump)
Price: around $12-20 (Great Price!)
Reason for Purchase: Vibrating Pump
Bang for your buck: **** (Above Average)
Big O meater: **** (Above Average)

Looks: It looked like a long pink "snail shell." I didnít notice that the opening to the device was shaped like vaginal lips. Its not offensive looking. But with vaginal lips someone who found it would wonder.

Smells: It gave off a sweet strawberry smell. :)

Feels: This one said water based lubricant. You can use plain water to get in. Baby Oil works well. Skin Lotion is okay but it is messy. There is one problem with the device and that is its depth. The vibrating unit is at the top of the unit and the hard plastic/metallic part is at the very roof of the device. So If you try to penetrate the device deeply the tip of your cock rubs against it. Can cause some bruising. Its also soft on the inside.

Noise: This was rather loud. No real way to muffle the noise. I could here this thing in the other rooms on a quiet night.

Dimensions of Device: The device weighs about 1-1.5 lbs no more than that. The "Vaginal" depth is actually about 3" if you include the lips then it is about 4"

My Dimensions: 6.6-7" length x 5" girth (let the scrutiny begin)

This was the first toy I purchased. I was kind of interested in pumps. I wanted to see what my unit would look like if it were more girthier. But I didnít want to buy just a pump, I wanted a little vibration to go along with the ride. ;)
What did I get? Well the Jelly Climaxer maybe listed as a Pump. But it is no pump device. There is something that you "pump" but what it does is squeeze the cavity opening tighter. If you use water as a lube its possible to use the pump feature to squeeze around your cock and have it stay on while you stand. Otherwise you have to hold it in place when you pump it tight.
So I was disappointed that it wasnít a real pump. I was also disappointed that the depth of the device was only about 3" It didnít help that I poked the hard plastic at the top.
The first time I put it on I pumped it up and turned on the vibration. Its kind of multi-speed. But I usually turn it up all the way. Too bad I cant make it vibrate harder.
These things should have warnings like massagers. Do not exceed 30 minutes of use at a time.
I put it on sat down and just let it go. It was a great feeling after 10 minutes or so I was at the brink of orgasm. I knew If I slid the device up and down a bit I would probably cum. I just let the device do its thing. So It kept me there for about an hour before I took it off. (I know it was about an hour since I finished off an episode of friends and the simpsons)
Well, my penis was numb after I took it off. Oh man I jumped into a hot shower and slapped it around a bit to bring it back to life.
So I started experimenting a bit. Sometimes putting it on "upside" down. With the clit part facing down. This is because the Vibrating egg is on the front side of the device and stimulates the top of the penis head. I turned it around to stimulate the bottom of the head and the Frenlum (For the guys that still have theirís itís the Y looking thing where the head and shaft connect) .

Would I buy another one? Very likely. This was very comfortable Once I realized not to stick it all the way in. The inside was very soft, it smells like strawberries. You can prolong an orgasm almost indefinitely. Itís a definite enhancer to masturbation. Since its not a real pump donít expect your cock to be any bigger from it.

Improvements: Increase the depth of the device! 3" depth is unacceptable! Is this supposed to tell me the target audience for this device arenít more than 3"? I find that hard to believe.

Durability: Well after a few months of use this thing finally died. The outer skin ripped open. So when cleaning it water would get trapped inside. No matter how much hanging it upside down or squeezing I did there would always be a few drops of water would fall out. Also the inside began to loose its softness. I read somewhere Talc powder generally helps keep the softness. So I used some baby powder to try to help rejuvenate the device. No success. A word of Advice, make sure you wash out all the baby powder before you use the device. Let me tell you baby powder and baby oil make a bad mix. And some of the most intense burning orgasms. Yes I did do it a few times against my better judgement. But sometimes you have to live on the edge, even if it burns a bit.

Overall: Yes this is a good device. Its fairly cheap and you can enjoy a massaged erection for hours, but of course you shouldnít keep it on that long. It feels great. Yes itís a bit small but if you can look past that then it is a very good device.
Canít wait for my newer toys to arrive.

What Iím looking for: Well the perfect toy would feel real good. And its something that you can enjoy all day if you had the time. And something that wouldnít cause nerve damage if you did try to use it all day.

Hope you enjoyed this. I canít believe how much fun Reviewing Toys can be!

Oh yeah this thing may have Jill Kelly's name on it but well it sure as hell is not shaped like her. So what it still feels good.


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