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Toy: Golden Curved Double Dong
Reviewer: Naiad
Manufacturer: Phallix
Categories:Dildos/DongsFor WomenGlass
Overall rating:
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This 7" long, 1 1/8" diameter curved double-ended glass dildo caught my eye simply because it's a beautiful thing, almost a piece of art. Crystal clear and pink glass, delicately burnished with gold, it's far too pretty to hide away in your toybox or bedside drawer.

I was shopping for a g-spot dildo that would be fun for partner play but also allow me to reach that elusive area for myself when my partner isn't available.

The shaft, being ribbed with rings on one end and knobbled with rounded nodes on the other end, offers a different stimulation depending whether you're in the mood for something rough and direct that you just can't ignore (the rings) or something a little more subtle (the nodes).

The curve is sufficient to make it an excellent g-spot toy for solo or partner play and the rounded head each end gives an excellent direct pressure on the g-spot or is a delightful shape to play with using PC muscles. It's not too thick so you can get the perfect angle and I believe it would be safe for anal use and prostate stimuation, too. Being double ended it is obviously designed with girl-on-girl partner use in mind though I haven't tried this aspect (yet!).

The glass material means it can be heated or chilled for added delights but obviously take care not to let it get chipped.

I'd have to say if you're going for the long haul use the knobbled end, not the ribbed end as I was a little tender after one WET-WET-WET marathon session administered by an enthusiastic partner. Not that I'm complaining! Suffice to say that 3 towels were not up to the task and I experienced multiple 'religious moments' until I lost count ;).

In conjunction with a good clitoral vibrator this beautiful thing will remain one of my favourites whether solo or with a partner.

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