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Toy: Devon UR3 Vibrating Pussy & Anus
Reviewer: joeyjoe
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
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  Devon PussyDevon's Pussy at The Toy Chest

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I bought this toy mostly due to the favorable reviews of similar products reviewed in the UR3 Doc Johnson line on this site. I'm pretty happy with this toy and thought I should give back to this site by voicing some of my concerns about the product.

First off, I've never owned any sex toys before, so I don't have a great amount of experience with similar products. In the past, I have masturbated dry, and for this product, you will need a *lot* of lubrication for it to be effective. Something I was not used to. Upon first opening the product, I could tell by the feel of it that some lubrication would be required, but I didn't heed the warning of the other reviews and decided to use the included lube. How bad could it be? It was awful. I spent about 15 minutes with the thing and couldn't even get myself inside. I was convinced it was too damned tight.

But then I noticed that the lube had pretty much dried up, so I threw the included lube in the garbage and went for some hand lotion. At that point I wasn't even completely hard, but with the hand lotion I slipped right in. Definitely not too tight. It was a little dry inside though, so I put on some more lotion. The key to this product is generous amounts of lubrication.

How does it feel? Again, I was a bit skeptical of the reviews, but it really does feel pretty close to the real thing. I think as far as simulated flesh goes, this is about as good as it'll ever get.

My gripes with this product are minor. As other reviewers have said, it does help if you elevate it on a pillow, but it isn't completely necessary. In fact, personally I thought it was better if laid flat on the bed, and instead of getting right on top of it, do girl push-ups onto it. Meaning your knees are laid out on the bed while you do push-ups with the rest of your body. It lets you get as deep into it as possible.

The 'exit hole' is designed for easy cleaning, but make sure you put a paper towel or something under it, or you will likely spill out from that end when you finish, defeating the point of easy cleaning.

The smell of the UR3 material is pretty strong, and I'm hoping it'll fade over time. If it doesn't, not a big deal, but it sure doesn't smell good.

The piece is obviously designed to be of realistic size, so as you can imagine, that doesn't make for easy storage. If you live with other people, this is something to consider.

Again, if you live with other people, this toy is not very convenient to just pull out for a quickie and be done with. It's big and it can get messy, and remember you'll have to clean it after each use.

I can't speak for the durability. I haven't had it very long, but there's already a small tear in the vaginal hole. Nothing serious, and I don't expect it'll rip much more, unless my penis gets a growth spurt. It seems like it will last a long time though.

Lastly, it's rather pricey, but if it holds up for as long as I think it will, it's worth it.

Overall, it's a good product that gives a very realistic feel.

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