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Toy: Blue Jelly Beads
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Anal ToysAnal Beads
Overall rating:
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X10 Blue Jelly Beads

Vaginal/Anal Jelly Beads
Price: $5
Reason for Purchase: I once read a story about a female cop taking a guy who was speeding hostage. She used some beads on him. I thought should I explore my forbidden dark side? Plus the packaging has a picture of Asia Carrera.

Bang for your buck: ***** (Boner Aching)
Big O meater: ***** (Cum drenching)

Looks: These are jelly beads so there are no strings involved. It starts off with a small bead and each consecutive bead overlaps the first and is larger than the last.

Smells: No noticeable odors.

Feels: They are plastic the beads bend a little. They are not stiff which is a good thing considering where they would have to go on me.

Noise: Only from me.

Dimensions of Device: 4-6 oz. They are about 8-11 in length.

My dimensions: My ass cannot always take the full length of the beads. I can get to the last bead and I usually leave that one outside, just in case the flimsy handle breaks.

I have only used these things every couple of months. They are not something you would want to do everyday. I generally use these after having an enema. (I give myself enemas because I am a super clean freak.)
Well what can I say. There is virtually no mess when using this except for large amounts of cum.
I slowly put the beads inside up until the last bead. Which I will not put in. Since the bead handle is so flimsy If it broke I would not want to go to the emergency room to explain what I was doing.
Once inside I do as many kegals as I can until my PC muscle is exhausted and my cock is full of blood. This makes a lot of blood go into those regions giving it plenty of oxygen so that the nerves are more sensitive and react much more intensely and quickly.
I work up to an orgasm then hold my PC muscle as tight as I can until I start to go limp then I pump that muscle about 30 times. Then I start working it up to orgasm again then repeating the PC muscle hold and pumping. I do this as many times as I can until I feel my PC muscle is too exhausted to hold it back anymore, usually about 10 times. I then work it up to a big orgasm and pull the beads out at about the time I cum. By this time My cock is fully extended and girthed up and so filled with blood its just pulsating as I explode the load in the shower.

This is just how I use it. I usually end up on my knees from the intensity of the orgasm.

Would I buy another One?
Heaven forbid this thing breaks inside me! But if it broke outside me then yes I would buy another one. At only $5 this is a great bargain. I am uncomfortable with putting things in my ass. But for the occasional forbidden pleasure its great.

Improvements: Simple pleasures. A needed improvement would be a more sturdy handle. The one it currently has looks so flimsy I would not want to put the last bead inside me.

It has not broken yet. They look very stable. I suspect the first thing to break would be the handle.


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