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Toy: Clear Ecstasy Budd Plug
Reviewer: YogaGrrl
Manufacturer: Clear Ecstasy
Categories:Anal ToysButt PlugsGlass
Overall rating:
  Glass Butt PlugsClear Ecstasy Budd Plug

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BUDD PLUG by Clear Ecstasy

Date of review: 3/25/03

Overall ... A
Sensation ... A
Appearance ... A+
Fit ... A+
Price ... B
Ease of Use ... A
Shopping Experience ... n/a

Date of acquisition: 3/10/03

Vendor: Clear Ecstasy

Price: I received a complimentary model directly from the manufacturer. The price of the Budd Plug varies by size: beginner for $199.99, intermediate for $214.99, advanced for $274.99 and expert for $334.99. The retail value of my custom-tailored plug is at the intermediate level. These prices include a padded fabric drawstring storage pouch.

Dimensions: The bulb is 1.75" (4.4 cm) across at the widest diameter and 3.75" (9.5 cm) long. The full insertable length (including the neck) is 5" (12.7 cm). The diameter of the neck is 1" (2.5 cm).

Additional size/color options: Numerous. I requested a special size (the width is between beginner and intermediate, and the length is advanced) and a special color (cobalt). The artists at Clear Ecstasy were happy to accommodate. The standard sizes are:
• Beginner—widest diameter 1.5" (3.8 cm), length 3.25" (8.3 cm)
• Intermediate—widest diameter 2" (5.1 cm), length 3.5" (8.9 cm)
• Advanced—widest diameter 2.25" (5.7 cm), length 3.75" (9.5 cm)
• Expert—widest diameter 3" (7.6 cm), length 4" (10.2 cm)

Material: Borosilicate glass. A common brand name is Pyrex®.

Why I chose this type of toy: I've been insanely happy with my Blowfish butt plug. After a year of steady play with that toy, however, I was ready to size up a bit. (My new Budd Plug is 1/8" wider and 1.5" longer.) I also enjoy experimenting with different materials, and the Budd is my first glass toy of any kind.

Why I chose this manufacturer: After reading my review of the Blowfish, a representative of Clear Ecstasy contacted me to see if I might be interested in testing one of their toys. Indeed I was.

Why I chose this particular model: "Butt" and "plug." Need I say more? I just really love the feeling of stretch and fullness I get from this type of toy.

The ordering process: Dealing with this company has been a sheer delight. The marketing and sales director stayed in frequent e-mail contact with me throughout the process. He voluntarily and expertly explained the available options and asked relevant questions to ensure that my preferences were met. He also encouraged me, "This is not just something we do for a reviewer; since we custom make almost everything, we are glad to address individual concerns with buyers if they request anything. So don't be shy, give our process a workout."

Eight weeks elapsed before I received my plug, but this is much longer than would probably be required for a typical customer. That time frame included a couple of delays which I specifically approved, including road trips for my toy to a professional photography studio (the image above is my personal model) and to a Playboy Radio show (where Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath handled it and loved it). When the plug arrived, it came by USPS insured priority mail, in a plain corrugated box with the return address "CE Enterprises." Inside, it was protected by packing peanuts, bubble wrap, the padded storage pouch and vacuum-sealed shrink wrap. An informational sheet and care instructions were also enclosed.

First experiences: After gently excavating my Budd Plug from its many layers of cushioning, I was immediately struck by its beauty. I happened to be standing near a sunny window, and the light shone through my plug and splashed a bit of blue-violet color onto the palm of my hand. When I looked through the base, I could see that the core had been left clear all the way to the tip. This created a distorted but intriguing lensing effect, turning the world upside down as I gazed lengthwise through the heart of my plug.

No longer intimated by hefty anal toys, I could hardly wait to give this one a try. I gave the plug a quick soapy wash in the kitchen sink (though it already looked perfectly clean), spirited it away to my bedroom, stripped out of my pants and got straight to work. I tried it in my vagina first, relying on my natural secretions for the lubrication. I was immediately impressed by how much larger the Budd felt as compared to my Blowfish. The extra length and fractional increase in diameter were definitely noticeable and quite pleasing. I slowly squeezed the plug out by contracting my pelvic muscles at full force—an exercise that left me winded yet amused.

For the anal penetration, I first applied a generous coat of Slippery Stuff Gel. I initially tried an insertion in the doggie position, but since I'm a gleeful pervert, I soon decided I'd much rather observe the process. So I stood the plug upright on its sturdy base and used a hand mirror to watch as I sat down on the tip. I was a little too enthralled to keep an eye on the clock, but I'm pretty sure at least five minutes passed before I had it all the way in. The diameter was an appropriate challenge for me. I approached it the same way I often approach yoga stretches: I coaxed myself down on it just to the point of discomfort, held the stretch for a fraction of a second and eased back up again. The gentle taper of the bulb assisted this process greatly. I slid up and down on the plug repeatedly, until I felt the sweet relief of the widest part slipping past my sphincter.

Once the plug was in place, the fit couldn't have been more perfect. I walked around and discovered that the neck was exactly the right size to keep my Budd secure. The bulb gave me a feeling of fullness without poking uncomfortably against my tailbone (which is a problem I've experienced with a different toy that's too long). There was a slight internal shifting of the plug while I was masturbating—a wonderful sensation that always drives me wild. I probably could have climaxed that way, but I was in a particularly naughty mood and put my Decadent Indulgence vibrator into my vagina for a DP. I soon realized that the shaft rotations weren't going to work; the rub of the vibe's metal beads against my vaginal wall was too harsh when combined with the hard glass of the plug beyond. But I left both toys in place and let the clit motor release a moderately powerful orgasm.

I practiced solo one other time before introducing the Budd to partner play. Well, strictly speaking, Mr. Yoga introduced it. One particularly fine Sunday morning, as my beloved lavished his amazing oral affection upon me, he popped up briefly for air. "Now where is that plug?" he inquired mischievously. He seemed quite interested in watching as I sat down on the Budd. This time, the insertion required only a couple minutes at most. The edge of the base plate slightly obstructed his resumed tonguework, but Mr. Yoga worked around it well enough that it still felt wonderful to me. He did not feel the plate at all when I mounted him in cowgirl (which is the only position we tried, since we were both very excited by that point). When I asked Mr. Yoga afterwards if he could feel the hardness of the plug beyond my vaginal wall, he answered only very subtly. I agree that although it felt great, the physical sensations were only slightly different from toyless sex. I'm looking forward to experimenting in different positions, however, to see if they provide different and possibly more intense experiences.

Noise level: N/a, except for loud breathing and satisfied grunts from the happy yogini.

Special considerations: Don't forget the lube! My favorites are still Slippery Stuff Gel and Maximus. They're thick and gelatinous and really get the job done. Try not to slop excess lube onto the base of the toy, though, since it does make the glass surface very slick and challenging to grip.

Durability and care: For glass, the Budd feels remarkably substantial. If it does chip, crack or shatter, it would obviously no longer be safe to use as a sex toy. I imagine it would take an impact of some force to actually damage the material, however. For those of us who enjoy temperature play, the Budd can be heated or cooled, but the proper process requires a half-hour. (Borosilicate glass is designed to withstand temperature extremes, but not rapid temperature shifts.) Detailed (and humorous) instructions are included with the toy.

Cleaning can be accomplished with antibacterial soap, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, bleach, boiling in water (water needs to be at room temperature before submerging or removing the toy) and/or dishwashing. Rinse with warm water and pat dry before storing in the padded pouch.

Just as a footnote, my only complaint about this toy relates to the pouch. It arrived smelling faintly of cigarette smoke, which some users may be sensitive to. The Budd itself does not absorb any odors, however, and the odor of the pouch completely dissipated in a little over a week. The "airing out" time is something you may wish to take into consideration if you're giving this toy as a present to a nonsmoker.

Final analysis: I am immensely pleased to include the Budd in my growing collection of luxury butt plugs. The size is perfect for me, and the artistry is superb. When your butt deserves only the best, I wholeheartedly recommend the unique creations of Clear Ecstasy.

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