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Toy: Cassidey All American Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Bill Chadwick
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Cassidy PussyCassidy Pussy at Adult DVD Empire

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This is my fourth fake pussy to buy, I have the Tiffany Mynx ,Kira,and the Tera Patrick's . These were the best things that ever happened to my sex life. My wife of sixteen years, that's how long we have been married not her age, has gotten very turned on about me being with these things. Keep in mind she is a very jealous person and has never show any interest in girl/girl action but the first night I brought home the Tiffiny Minx, she could hear me in the room messing with it and taking pictures. When I went to bed she was extremely horny, more so than in 10 years, she told me to go get it and that she wanted to get it ready for me, so she licked it and played with it and really got off when I screwed it. Everytime we have sex now she wants me to have one in the room, she even put one in her night stand, the Kira, for our quick access.

I kind of felt bad about spending $200 for that first one, but it was worth it. That brings me to today. The wife ask me if I would like to get another one of course I said yes, she even said I could go to the booth that has the live nude girls that talk to you while I was there, boy was that a shock to hear from her. I have to credit that to her new found interest in the pussy collection, but she me act differently after it sinks in that I was just a few inches away from a girl spread eagle telling how much she likes being a slut, there was glass between us. I have yet to screw the Cassidy pussy but I have to say it is the pretties of all of them, I almost hate to break her cherry and mess up those pretty pink lips ( the color seems to wear off pretty quickly) I have taken several pictures of it though go here if you would like to see them, its a MSN group:
I'm sure it will be very similar to the Kira, they have a very similar look but the Cassidy is a bit thicker with bigger lips. I have also discovered that the drain hole is pretty good to scew too, seems to be the smoothest. I like the hair very much too, the Kira doesnt have enough and the Tiffiny has the fake glop of hair look. If I had to rank them I would put the Cassidy first , even though she is still a virgin, the Kira, Tiffiny and the Tera last, it is just very hard to handle. I have become a big fan of these things, I even told the girl at work about them, she wants to get one for the hubby now. I always thought these were for the lonely single guy not getting any, but I have had lots more real and fake since getting them. Highly recommended

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