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Toy: Kira's Vibrating Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Steve G
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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This is the fourth vagina I've bought (Jenteal, Kobe Tai, the original one, and Tiffany Minx which was so bad, I threw it out). So far, none of them have really thrilled me and this one also dissapoints.

First of all, it looks good. More realistic than the others. It feels more natural, too but this new material, UR3, seems to require more lube. After a few minutes, it becomes dry. The lube that came with it is way too thick and sticky. I tried Astroglide and Wet as well and they all exhibit this dryness, something none of the other vaginas suffered from.

Why do they make the holes so small? The Tiffany Minx model was so tight, it was unusable and this one is very much the same. I'm average sized, too. I could live without the anal opening. Lube just leaks out of it so you have to plug it with something otherwise you have a mess. And what's with the vibrator in these toys. Real vaginas do not vibrate. Ditch the vibrator and lower the price.

The Jenteal vagina is the best of the ones I've bought but it does rip open eventually. At least it feels good while it lasts. The Kobe Tai one is good too. It doesn't have an anus but as I explained, that's actually a plus.

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