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Toy: Sweet Relief Masturbator
Reviewer: MrPeeepers
Manufacturer: Adam & Eve
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
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Type: Vagina / Sleeve
Price: $30
Bang for your buck: ** (Below Average)
Big O meater: *** (Average)
Looks: The opening looks like an vagina.
Smells: Like Rubber.
Noise: No noises at all from the device.
Dimensions of Device: measures 6 1/2" long. The device should handle any girth.

I got this free from adam and eve with my order. I will start by saying that it's exactly what it says. A masturbator. You use it just as you would when jerking off normally. The only difference is that you have this on your dick while you are jerking off. Sweet relief? Maybe not. It feels too much like rubber and when you are using it, you pretty much have to go real fast to get enough sensation going in order to cum. It has hundreds of little tickler nubs in it. They are pretty much all that you do feel in this. When you do cum however, the nubs rubbing against your head are all most too much sensation. To the point of where it almost overshadows the orgasm. To sum it up, it's only a $30 toy. I reccomend using your $30 towards a much nicer one. But, then again I can't complain, it was Free!

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