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Toy: Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Excalibur1242
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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Every adult website has had nothing but good things to say about this toy so I decided to try it out despite the extremely high price (cheapest price I've found was a website called Toy Chest I believe for $196.95). First off, the package weighed probably like 15lbs. and I couldn't believe how large it was. My first thought was "where the hell am I going to hide this big box in my room?" So, I removed the box and theres 2 pieces of syrofoam that cover it from inside the box. The ass feels real but the only unreal part is how cold it felt but I've heard that you can put it in mild water but I haven't tried it yet. When I first tried it, everyone was right it felt so realistic and unbelievably great. The vaginal tunnel is really tight and the anal tunnel is even tighter. As for cons, it's really big so storage might be a problem if you don't have your own place. Both the anal and vaginal openings kinda toar a little so u got to be careful dealing with it and you got to wash it with mild soap & water and put powder on it right after it dries. Also, you can't do much with it in terms of postions. It mainly works for doggy and missionary. It comes with lube and powder to restore its realistic feel. When reading this, it might seem strange how such a product can get a near perfect rating considering that theres more pros than cons but trust me on this, you might be fucking a piece of rubber but your dick won't know the difference. You will get addicted to the feel of this toy. Words can't describe how great this feels. For those who are depressed sexually or want to experience what its like to fuck Juli Ashton, then its pretty ideal for you. This toy will make you chant Juli's name during your orgasm.

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