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Toy: Kira's Vibrating Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: darkcloud
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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Great toy! Similar to Sky's and Devon's version in structural design.

The material "thickness" above and below the canal is about 3/4 inch, very thick and durable!

Design for the "area" between the vagina hole and the anus is well made, so not much worries about ripping them into "one" big hole.

I like this vagina due to its variation. The height of the Kira's pussy is same as Sky's. Kira's pussy is about half inch wider but Sky's is half inch longer. The "thighs" part for Sky's pussy is high and pretty flat. Kira's "thighs" are "spread" lower and higher(higher bump!) than Sky's. Sky, Devon and Kira are all nice and each has their unique points.

The vibrator that comes with Kira's pussy and anus is an older type vibrator. Its a MSX controller with black egg(An even older version uses silver/grey egg). Sky and Devon's version comes with the latest colbalt blue vibrator. But THEY all have the SAME basic "pussy structural" design.

Great way to use this vagina is to put it on top of a fluffy pillow. Putting it on the bed makes the toy too low and less enjoyable.

While at the local shop sex buying this Kira toy. I also checked the 2 latest Doc Johnson vagina(both released 2002). First one is a Dasha(I think that's the name...). Its a squirting type vagina. The squirting action is a cheap rubber bulb with a small hose, not impressive. The vagina itself use UR3 skin and slightly softer than Sky's. BUT the design is worse in my opinion than Sky/Devon/Kira. The canal material thickness is 1/2 inch! So Kira's pussy is MUCH better designed. Second one is a cherry virgin vagina with twin vibrators. Basically same vagina as Dasha's but with extra hole for the extra vibrator. The cherry design is basically a thin layer of material blocking the entrance and you poke it thru. The canal thickness is 1/2 inch. Overall the 2001 vagina releases(such as Sky, Devon, and Kira) are better than 2002 vagina releases.

Stand-alone vaginas and ass such as Juli Ashton's are MUCH MUCH better than love dolls.

Overall this toy is awesome! Highly recommended.

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